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33 Pithy Tips for LinkedIn (EACH in 140 Characters or Less)

Social Media Tips Infographics Linkedin

33_Pithy_Tips_for_LinkedIn_EACH_in_140_Characters_or_Less-lstips for LinkedinMy relationship to LinkedIn is like my relationship to vegetables...

I know they're good for me, but definitely don't eat enough.

And until recently, I never really spent time on LinkedIn.

But friends kept telling me to use it more. And now that I've done that, I like what I see!

How could I not? Check out these Linkedin stats:

  • 313 million members
  • 187 million unique visitors per month

Not bad, right? If you like what you see, the Ethos3 infographic below has great tips that helped me get started on Linkedin in a BIG WAY!

Check out the tips!

33 Pithy Tips for LinkedIn (EACH in 140 Characters or Less)

1. Ethos3

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Before a presentation, update your LinkedIn profile; attendees will review it to assess your credibility.

2. Entrepreneur

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Transform a generic link to your website into a call-to-action, especially on company profiles.

3. Forbes

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Create entries for every role you have performed within each job title. It's okay to have overlapping dates.

4. Reid Hoffman

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Share high-quality information with your network to create connections that become alliances.

5. Small Business Trends

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The ideal length for LinkedIn long-form posts is 500 to 1,200 words. Tailor length for your audience.

6. Sylvan Lane

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Skip the 'How do you know this person' step. Click 'Connect' from search results, instead of profiles.

7. HubSpot

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Want another company or user to see your LinkedIn status updates? Use @mentions when you post.

8. LinkedIn

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Don't be a wallflower. Your profile is 5x more likely to be viewed if you join and are active in groups.

9. Emmie Martin

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When introducing yourself, don't be self-centered. Be generous, genuine and focus on the other person.

10. Career Outcomes

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Looking for a new job on LinkedIn? Don't let your boss know; turn off your activity broadcasts.

11. Rimjhim Dey

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LinkedIn users who update their profiles regularly get more job offers than peers who contact recruiters.

12. Tech Republic

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Censor yourself. If you wouldn't say it in a job interview, don't say it in a LinkedIn group, or post.

13. American Bar Association

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Schedule time to be active on LinkedIn. Review your profile, monitor updates, participate in discussion.

14. Evernote

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Evernote and LinkedIn integrate. Organize business cards, LinkedIn info, and networking notes in one place.

15. Salesforce

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Use your LinkedIn profile as a sales tool. Add a short video about your company to your profile.

16. Jay Baer

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Add value to LinkedIn groups: Share visual presentations that will interest group members.

17. LinkedIn

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Profiles with pictures are 14x more likely to be viewed. Use a professional image with a neutral background.

18. Business Insider

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Avoid profile buzzwords, such as "creative" and "motivated." Minimize adjectives. Emphasize verbs.

19. The Muse

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Don't use the automated invitations message: 'I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.'

20. Buffer

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LinkedIn has found that 20 posts per month can help you reach 60% of your unique audience.

21. Social Media Week

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The best times to post on LinkedIn: Tuesday and Thursdays, between 7am and 9am local time.

22. LinkedIn

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Company updates with images have a 98% higher comment rate than updates without images.

23. Jillian D'Onfro

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Download LinkedIn's Connected app; it's designed to simplify professional relationship development.

24. Marketing Sherpa

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You are unique. Prove it. Use a creative headline instead of defaulting to your current job title.

25. U.S. News

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Help recruiters, prospects and potential partners find you; use keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile.

26. Andrey Gidaspov

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Successful LinkedIn content often provides ready-to-use takeaways in a list format.

27. Daniel Pink

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Follow Dan Pink's lead; he reprised a post '3 Tips for TED speakers' for LinkedIn's publishing platform.

28. Jeff Bullas

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Endorse people you respect. Send a thank-you message when someone endorses you.

29. LinkedIn

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List volunteer experience on LinkedIn; 42% of hiring managers value it as much as formal job experience.

30. Forbes

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LinkedIn groups provide one of the best personal branding opportunities you have with social media.

31. The New York Times

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Struggling to fill a role in your company? Instead of hiring a recruiter, join LinkedIn's Recruiter service.

32. Jason Miller

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Share original content: Content is now viewed 6x more than jobs-related activity on LinkedIn.

33. Social Media Examiner

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Use visuals; embed SlideShare presentations and infographics into your profile and long-form posts.

Now check out the infographic. And please leave your best LinkedIn tip in the comments.


Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee is the Founder of &, a fashion blog that shares style for short men. Follow him on Twitter at @askaaronlee

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