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Small Business


$3/mo $3/mo billed annually billed annually
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Get Started
  • 3 profiles
  • 30 posts per day
  • 300 posts planned
  • No team members


$9/mo $11/mo billed annually  
Get Started
Get Started
  • 10 profiles
  • 100 posts per day
  • 1000 posts planned
  • No team members


$19/mo $24/mo billed annually  
Get Started
Get Started
  • 25 profiles
  • 250 posts per day
  • Unlimited posts planned
  • 4 team members


$49/mo $59/mo billed annually  
Get Started
Get Started
  • 50 profiles
  • 500 posts per day
  • Unlimited posts planned
  • 7 team members


$99/mo $125/mo billed annually  
Get Started
Get Started
  • 100 profiles
  • 1000 posts per day
  • Unlimited posts planned
  • 11 team members


TBD TBD custom billing custom billing
  • Unlimited profiles
  • Unlimited posts per day
  • Unlimited posts planned
  • Unlimited team members

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Digging into the details
Starter Love Guru Master Agency
Active profiles/pages 3*1 Facebook page +
1 Facebook profile +
1 Twitter profile
10 25 50 100
Posts per day (Facebook pages/Twitter profiles) 30 100 250 500 1000
Posts per day (Facebook profile/groups) 10 15 15 30 30
Planned posts 300 1000 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Content from
Post to
Team members - - 4 7 11
Viral photos
Top content
Status ideas
Viral video coming soon coming soon coming soon
GIFs coming soon coming soon coming soon
Bulk uploads
Canva integration
Post targeting
Save and organize content feed
Recommended content
Search by hashtag, handle, keyword or page
Star rating prediction algorithm
Filter by content type
Customize publishing calendar
Match posting times to posting types
Custom plan for any page or profile
Management dashboard
Engagement stats
Edit planned posts
Automatically recycle evergreen content
$3/mo $9/mo $19/mo $49/mo $99/mo

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Skyrocket your engagement with our Love annual plan for only $9 per month
Get Started for $9 month 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Frequently asked questions

What social networks do you support?
For now, Facebook and Twitter. We're adding Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn soon!
Can I add my own content to Post Planner?
Yes. In fact we highly recommend you do that first. That way everything for your niche is in one place and it's scored by our powerful systems for virality.
Can I post to Facebook groups?
You may post to Facebook Groups that you administer.
Do you have a free trial?
We don't offer free trials on our paid plans. But you can use our free Pro app for life!
Do you have a native mobile app?
We'll be launching native mobile apps very soon, but for now you can access Post Planner on any browser enabled device and add an icon to your home screen for easy access.
Can I transfer my plan to another Facebook profile?
We can transfer your account to another profile as long as it has not been blocked by Facebook. Please contact support via email.
Is there an affiliate program?
Yes! Sign up here:
How do I contact Post Planner support?
You have the option to email a support ticket anytime to or start a chat by clicking on the chat bubble on the website or in the app. We don't provide telephone support at this time.
How does social sign-in work?
We use login with Facebook which associates your existing personal Profile, email and account information to your Post Planner account.
Can I change my plan?
You can upgrade your plan within the app via Settings> Account> Upgrade. To downgrade, email support and we'll process it for you.
What forms of payment do you accept?
You may pay via credit card. We also accept payments for any of our annual plans via PayPal. Send to
What are my billing options?
Post Planner offers monthly subscriptions and annual plans with special incentives. You can switch plans at any time from your account settings.
Can I manage a team with Post Planner?
Yes, you may add team members with our Guru plan and above. It includes the owner of the account and prospective collaborators.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel your plan at anytime. Submit a request on our website and we'll process it right away for you.
Do you have a guarantee?
All plans are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're unhappy within the first 30 days, we'll issue a refund.
Can I share photos, videos, and GIFs?
Yes, you may share and upload photos to Facebook and Twitter. You may upload videos on Facebook. GIFs work when shared as links on both Facebook and Twitter.
How can I put my evergreen content on autopilot?
You may set it to recycle, which will add that content back into your Plan rotation each time it posts.
What does Post Planner do?
Using Post Planner is like having an entire social media team on demand. We help you FIND, PLAN and POST amazing content to your Social Profiles guaranteed to drive engagement.
How does the star rating system within the app work?
The Star Rating System helps you predict performance. Our algorithm ranks content based on virality and engagement to give you a predictive performance score. So the more stars you see, the better that content will perform.
Are there any limits to posting?
Facebook has established posting limits that we abide by. Your personal Facebook profile and Group posting have a daily limit of 15. This does not apply to Facebook Pages. *For Master, Agency, Venture the limit is 30.
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