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Facebook Einsteins! Are You Posting At These So-Called OPTIMAL Times?

Facebook Einsteins! Are You Posting At These So-Called OPTIMAL Times?

Facebook_Einsteins_Are_You_Posting_At_These_So_Called_OPTIMAL_Timesoptimal times to post on social mediaFor many social media managers, just keeping their pages updated is a serious challenge.

And sometimes the hardest thing is figuring out the best time to post!

Generally, I wouldn't listen to a so-called "expert" trying to tell me the best time to post.

They usually don't know squat!

But some people have actually researched the topic -- and this SurePayroll infographic is a perfect example.

It's only by digging into your social media analytics that you'll truly find what works best for your accounts. But watching when others post never hurts either. ;)

The So-Called OPTIMAL Times to Post on Social Media







Other Juicy Stats

Here are other juicy stats from this stellar infographic:

  • Tumblr users average 14 minutes per visit on the site -- longer than Facebook
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  • Google+ is growing most quickly among those 45-54 years old
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  • 41% of LinkedIn visits are via mobile devices -- the LinkedIn app is pretty sweet
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  • Tweets with images rule (note to self to post more photos on Twitter)
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Now enjoy the whole story!



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