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The Mother of all Social Media Graphic Dimensions Infographic!

Posted 16 January, 2013

The_Mother_of_all_Social_Media_Graphic_Dimensions_Infographic-lsFacebook DimensionsRaise your hand if you suck at graphics like me! Ok.. put your hands down...

I'm not a graphics person, never have been -- doubt I ever will be. I'm pretty good if you give me a template, but sometimes I jack that up too.

When it comes to social media graphics though, the hardest thing to get correct is sizing. Especially since Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest tend to change the required sizes as often as I change my pants (at least once per week!)

I've seen loads of blogs giving you examples of dimensions for just Facebook or just YouTube. But never one that encompasses all of the sites in one post.

That is until now!

Below you'll see an infographic from LunaMetrics that covers the proper sizes for graphics on every social site! (Well at least the ones that matter... Sorry MySpace!)

Check it below and keep in mind that these dimensions are subject to change and Lord knows they will!

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