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13 Stats to Help Your Good Facebook Posts Get Even BETTER

13 Stats to Help Your Good Facebook Posts Get Even BETTER

13_Stats_to_Help_Your_Good_Facebook_Posts_Get_Even_BETTER-lsgood Facebook postsAre you a small business owner wondering what to post on Facebook?

Some experts say photos are best. Others say text-only updates.

And many pages only post links -- hoping articles entice their fans to Like, share & comment on their posts.

Guess what... they're all right! It just depends on your page.

After managing Facebook pages for the past 5 years, I've learned that what works today may not work next week. Facebook changes constantly -- as do the preferences of its users!

So you have to be prepared to pivot on a moment's notice -- and expect the unexpected!

In the meantime, here are 13 stats to help you. :)

13 Stats to Help Your Good Facebook Posts Get Even BETTER

good-facebook-postsIs there such thing as a perfect Facebook post?

Probably not.

But TrackMaven analyzed more than 1.5 million status updates from almost 6,000 Facebook pages.

Here are 13 stats that will make your good Facebook posts even better:

  1. Posts with 80+ words get twice as much engagement
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  2. Posts with images get 37% more engagement than text-only updates
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  3. Posts between 5pm & 1am get 11% more interaction than daytime posts
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  4. About 18% of posts get posted on weekends (less competition for your posts!)
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  5. Weekend posts get the most engagement
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  6. Sunday posts get 25% more engagement than Wednesday posts
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  7. Likes constitute 87% of Facebook engagement
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  8. Only 5% of Facebook engagement comes in the form of comments
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  9. Shares account for 8% of Facebook engagement
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  10. Thursday is the most popular day to post
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  11. Posts with hashtags get 60% more interaction
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  12. Posts with exclamation points get 2.7x more interaction!! WOW!!
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  13. Questions get 23% more engagement than other updates
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Compelling stats, right?

Here are my key takeaways:

  1. Hashtags increase interaction, but don't use more than 2 per post
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  2. I don't want to focus on Thursdays because there's just too much noise
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  3. Try posting later in the evening, when people are off work & kids are in bed
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  4. Post longer updates so readers click "See more" to get the rest of the story
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What about you?

Did you learn anything from these stats that will make your good Facebook posts even better?

Hope so!

Now check out the full infographic from TrackMaven:



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Kim Garst

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