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These 3 Industries have the Strongest Engagement on Facebook

Posted 15 October, 2013

These_3_Industries_have_the_Strongest_Engagement_on_Facebookstrongest-engagement-on-facebook1We all want strong engagement on our Facebook pages, right?

Without engagement, we might as well not even have a Facebook page.

There is no sense in talking to yourself!

How Do You Get More Engagement on Facebook?

Let me answer this question by summarizing a previous post on how to increase engagement:

  1. Post Fresh Content Daily
  2. Space Your Posts Out
  3. Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time
  4. Ask Questions
  5. Post Engaging Content

Sure, doing these things doesn't guarantee you'll have a highly engaging page.

It takes time, patience & hard work to build a thriving community -- and it usually requires running Facebook ads as well.

Do Some Industries Perform Better on Facebook than Others?

In a word, YES!

Some industries are just more appealing & exciting on Facebook -- while others will never succeed on Facebook & probably shouldn't have a fan page.

Maybe they'll do better on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Google+, for example.

I completely disagree with anyone who says every business must be on every social media platform.

My opinion is if you don't have to time to manage a social media account then you won't build an engaged community there -- and you probably shouldn't set up an account there.

Which Industries have the Strongest Communities?

The team over at SocialBakers recently did a study to find out which industries have the strongest fan communities. They studied the interactions of over 5000 users to determine which industries outperformed.

You can see the results of the study in the infographic below.

SocialBakers uses the equation: Likes + Shares + Comments = Interaction

According to their study, fans of the following industries garner the most interaction on Facebook:

  • Fashion
  • Auto
  • E-Commerce

You'll also notice on the infographic that FMCG ("Fast-Moving Consumer Goods") companies get the most shares.

Overall this study's results didn't surprise me, because I know the Fashion & Auto industry have passionate & loyal fans. The success Scott Monty has had at Ford is an example of this.

The fashion and auto industries are both visually oriented -- which means great photos that will almost always lead to more interaction.

Note that this study was done over a 30-day period in the summer, so the results could be different during a different time of year.


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