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How to Visually Brand Your Facebook Posts and LIGHT UP the News Feed

Posted 30 March, 2014

How_to_Visually_Brand_Your_Facebook_Posts_and_LIGHT_UP_the_News_Feed_-lsvisually brand your facebook postsDialing in the branding on your Facebook posts can pay off big time.

And there’s way more to your brand than just a logo!

The right visual branding helps your content stand out & look more familiar to your audience.

How do you develop strong visual branding for your Facebook posts?

Start with these 5 things:

  1. Establish your brand's personality & voice
  2. Define your color palette
  3. Choose fonts for your company
  4. Create brand templates
  5. Create your brand’s photo filter effects

Let's break each of these down.

How to Visually Brand Your Facebook Posts and LIGHT UP the News Feed

1. Establish Your Brand's Personality

Your brand consists of everything that people associate with your company -- including the the way you make them feel.

Your company's social media branding must convey your:

  • philosophy
  • culture
  • personality
  • what you do best

And defining a voice for your brand won't take long. Think of your brand as a good friend with a distinct personality.

So what’s your brand’s personality? How would you describe your brand to a friend?

Would it be one of these 4 personality types?


2. Define Your Color Palette

Once you’ve determined your brand’s personality, you'll need to decide on your color palette.

These are the colors you use on all your brand assets:

  • your website
  • blog
  • social media posts
  • stationery

At Canva, we chose a set of warm pastel colors to represent our brand.

What colors suit your company? For guidance, let’s take another look at our friends:


3. Choose Your Fonts

Like your color palette, your font should reflect your brand personality.

If you're wondering which font to use on your page, here are some great designs that match our 4 brand personalities:


4. Use Brand Filters

We’ve all heard about brand color palettes & fonts, but did you know there’s another way to improve your brand recognition?

Yes, photo filters!

Establishing a consistent "look" for all your brand images is a great way to make your business page stand out on Facebook.

Canva just released a simple photo filter tool that lets you create your own brand filter.

Check out these cool options:


5. Create Kick-Ass Brand Templates

You will build a stronger theme for your page & boost your brand recognition by creating templates for:

  • quotes
  • announcements
  • sale products
  • promotions
  • competitions
  • any other campaigns

By including a small logo or watermark, people will know how to find you even if the post is taken out of context & posted elsewhere on the web.



By applying the principles of visual branding to your Facebook posts, you will convey your brand's personality more precisely & consistently.

The key to social media is building relationships, right?

Making your posts more visually striking & familiar to your followers will make your posts shine as bright signals in the din of news feed noise.

Have you tried any of these branding techniques on your social media pages?

Share your tips or examples below.

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