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Why you should schedule Facebook updates that repeat

Why you should schedule Facebook updates that repeat

Why_you_should_schedule_Facebook_updates_that_repeatDid you notice that Post Planner lets you schedule Facebook updates that repeat?

If you’re wondering how you can make the most of this feature, here are a few ideas:

  1. You can repeat a post on your Facebook profile/page/group to wish your fans a happy Monday every week... or a great weekend... or even a Merry Christmas every year!
  2. You can repeat an update if you’re running a long-term incentive, such as: “Two Mascaras for the Price of One every Thursday with the 'beauty-queen-facebook' magic word”... or “Monday meals come with a free glass of wine. Enjoy!”
  3. You can also repeat your post to promote an event on a monthly basis, wish a happy birthday to your business partners every year, or send out the same promotional message every week.

We’ve put together a short video showing how the repeat feature works. Again, Post Planner makes it easy for you to use it and you’re also able to modify your text, re-schedule your post, or even delete it if your plans change.


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