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YouTube Might Be the Secret for How to Get Customers Overseas

Posted 25 July, 2014

YouTube_Might_Be_the_Secret_for_How_to_Get_Customers_Overseas-lsget more customers with youtubeGot a business based in Europe, Asia, Australia or the Middle East?

Are you looking to get customers in these regions?

Then you should start leveraging the power of video marketing!

It's tough to beat video when posting content on Facebook or your blog. Videos entertain your audience & drive traffic to your website.

And no tool is more important to your video-marketing efforts than YouTube. But did you know that 80% of YouTube visits come from outside the United States?

English is not the native language for about 60% of YouTube users. So never assume that most YouTube traffic comes from the U.S.

Below is a snapshot of YouTube viewership worldwide.

YouTube Might Be the Secret for How to Get Customers Overseas

Saudi Arabia

  • how-to-get-customershow-to-get-customersWorld's most avid YouTube users
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  • More than 90 million YouTube views each day
  • Government regulates Facebook & Twitter -- but not YouTube
  • Many YouTube channels focus on social comedy
  • EyshElly is Saudi Arabia's most popular channel
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United Kingdom

  • how-to-get-customers35% of UK residents use YouTube
  • 76% of all YouTube users are between the ages of 18 and 24
  • YouTube accounts for about 25% of all social media activity in the UK
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  • OneDirectionVEVO is the UK's most popular channel


  • how-to-get-customersAlmost 62% of YouTube videos are blocked in Germany
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  • Even with ban, Germans are some of the world's most avid YouTube users
  • YTITTY is Germany's most popular YouTube channel
  • Video called "The Gummy Bear" got more than 417 million views


  • how-to-get-customershow-to-get-customers48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
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  • 400 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link
  • HowToBasic is Australia's most popular channel
  • Video called "Ylvis - The Fox" got more than 395 million views


  • how-to-get-customershow-to-get-customersJapan has about 5 million active YouTube users
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  • 78% of people in Japan use the Internet -- almost half of them are active on YouTube
  • Avexnetwork is the most popular YouTube channel in Japan
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