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25 Disturbing Texting Shortcuts EVERY Parent Should Know

Posted 20 December, 2014

25_Disturbing_Texting_Shortcuts_EVERY_Parent_Should_Know-lsdisturbing texting shortcutsI'm almost 40 -- and I try to stay hip to all the latest trends.

But I'm definitely not caught up on the latest teenage texting shortcuts.

That became painfully clear when I started getting texts from my nephews.

Sure, LOL, ROTFL & WTF are easy.

But what about the more obscure references meant to deceive parents while discussing partying & sex?

Terms like CD9, POS, KOTL, DOC, etc.

I was lost!

That’s why I wrote this article -- to give you a reference guide to bookmark for the next time you don't know what you're seeing on your kid's phone.

Below are definitions for 25 disturbing texting shortcuts every parent should learn today.

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25 Disturbing Texting Shortcuts EVERY Parent Should Know

texting-shortcutsIf you happen upon your kid's phone & want to have a look at the texts -- here are 25 texting shortcuts to look out for:

1. 9 -- Parent Watching

2. CID -- Acid (yes, the drug)

3. 420 -- Marijuana

4. GNOC -- Get Naked On Camera

5. POS -- Parent Over Shoulder

6. 99 -- Parent Gone

7. Broken -- Hungover

8. CU46 -- See You For Sex

9. IWSN -- I Want Sex Now

10. PIR -- Parent In Room

11. PRON -- Porn

12. WTTP -- Want To Trade Pictures?

13. IPN -- I'm Posting Naked

14. KOTL -- Kiss On The Lips

15. TDTM -- Talk Dirty To Me

16. LH6 -- Let's Have Sex

17. GYPO -- Get Your Pants Off

18. 8 -- Oral Sex

19. KPC -- Keeping Parents Clueless

20. NIFOC -- Naked In Front Of Computer

21. 53X -- Sex

22. LMIRL or MIRL -- Let's Meet In Real Life

23. CD9 -- Parents Around/Code 9

24. DOC -- Drug Of Choice

25. TWD -- Texting While Driving

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How Many Did You Already Know?

texting-shortcutsHow many of these texting shortcuts did you already know?

I could only figure out a handful without looking them up.

But now that you know them, what should you do if you discover your kids using them?

Good question.... I'll let you answer.

Would you confront your kids if you spotted some of these in their texts?

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