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Instagram Slang: A Guide to Becoming an Instagram Lingo NINJA

Instagram Social Media Tips

Instagram_Slang_A_Guide_to_Becoming_an_Instagram_Lingo_NINJA-lsinstagram slangDo you speak Instagram?

If not, you better learn. :)

Using hashtags, acronyms & the right slang is a great way to get more Likes and followers on Instagram.

Terms like #TBT, #WCW & #MCM can be confusing at first. I was lost when I first started using Instagram!

I always wished I'd had a handy guide to explain all the lingo.

That's why I wrote this article -- because speaking the Instagram slang is such an easy way to get more followers.

So here are definitions for 32 of the most common Instagram terms.

Make sure to bookmark this for future reference!

Instagram Slang: A Guide to Becoming an Instagram Lingo NINJA

1. #TBT

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TBT is short for "Throwback Thursday". Thursdays are when Instagram users share photos from the past.

Maybe a shot from your childhood or a photo of your trip to the Grand Canyon.

Businesses even use #TBT photos to market on Instagram, like this example from Quest Nutrition:

2. #OOTD

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OOTD means "Outfit of the Day". Share what you’re wearing on Instagram!

current mood: plant envy 🌿🍃🌱 @velvet_sugar (shop link in bio)

A photo posted by forever21 (@forever21) on

3. #Foodporn

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Foodporn is a hashtag for photos of your lovely meals.

Whoever coined this term might have felt guilty after indulging in such decadent delights.

SLAY 👑  mdoughw repost 📸👉🏻@thenaughtyfork

A photo posted by mdoughw (@mdoughw) on

4. #Regram

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A Regram is a reshare -- similar to a retweet on Twitter.

5. #WCW

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WCW or "Woman Crush Wednesday" encourages Instagram users to share photos of the women they admire the most.

6. #MCM

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And "Man Crush Monday" is just the opposite. Mondays are when you share photos of your favorite guys.

7. #POTD

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POTD is an acronym for Photo of the Day -- posts from users who think the pics are their best shots.

В любую погоду хороша, но в такую особенно.

A photo posted by Lovelies By LT Founder (@lyudat) on

8. #Igers

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Igers means Instagrammers -- people who use Instagram.

9. #IG

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IG is short for Instagram.

10. #GF

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GF means "Gang Family" or "Global Family" -- a community that supports talented photographers around the world.

11. #Fitfam

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Fitfam is used to inspire and motivate Instagram users.

12. #Fitspo

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Fitspo photos usually show how to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

13. #F4F

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F4F means "Follow for Follow" -- somebody will follow you if you follow them back.

14. #L4L

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Similar to F4F, L4L means somebody will Like your photo if you Like theirs.

15. #S4S

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A "Shoutout for Shoutout" is when you ask people to follow somebody in exchange for someone asking their fans to follow you.

16. DM

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DM is an abbreviation for direct message.

17. #TransformationTuesday

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The fitness industry uses this popular hashtag to motivate people on Tuesdays.

This transformation is inspiring!

18. #FBF

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Similar to Throwback Thursday, #FBF (Flashback Friday) is when people share old photos on Fridays.

19. #SMH

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Short for "shaking my head", this hashtag is used many ways.

20. #FF

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What began as Follow Friday, #FF is now used to tag any Instagram photos on Friday.

21. #LMAO

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Laughing my a-- off... of course!

22. #YOLO

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Trying to decide what to post on Instagram? You only live once! ;)

23. HT or H/T (Hat Tip)

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A hat tip is a way to compliment someone's work.

24 #Instamood

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Here's how to draw attention to somebody's mood.

25. #NoFilter

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This hashtag is reserved for photos produced without Instagram filters.

Quand on croise un ami en Belgique dans les studios de RTL... Bonne chance à "L'ami public" @kevadams #nofilter

A photo posted by Patrick Bruel (@patrickbrueloff) on

26. #Petstagram

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Use this hashtag when you post a photo of your pet.

27. #Instapug

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Lots of pugs fans! Follow the photos with #instapug.

28. #Instapup

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This hashtag is almost too cute for words.

29 #Repost

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Use this hashtag when you post someone else's content on your Instagram account.

30. #SelfieSunday

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This hashtag has been used more than 10 million times.

This dude is nuts🙈😱 📷Hero: @daniel__lau #goprosoftheday

A photo posted by GoPro Fan pageⓂ️ (@go.oftheday) on

31. Kik Me

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"Kik me" means somebody is asking you to connect with them on Kik.

32. #GOTD (Gram of the Day)

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Instagram users use this hashtag to mark their best photos of the day.

Matisse has been mauling her little cousin Skye for 2 days straight, and she was over it before Matisse even started. This afternoon Skye is desperately trying to do her own thing and we hear a familiar grizzle. Karl politely suggests "Matisse, why don't you give Skye some space?" "Ok," says Matisse and starts looking around the ground. "Space, spacey space. Where are you?" 😂😂😂 #childhoodunplugged  #photooftheday #potd #thechildrenoftheworld #candidchildhood #childofig #getcreative #watchthisinstagood #instagood #instagram #clickinmoms #momtogs #vsco #jj #gotd #gramoftheday  #jj_its_kids  #momswithcameras  #kids_of_our_world #cameramama  #instakids #momlife #mumlife #sahmlife #pixel_kids #documentyourdays #cousins #ntaustralia #lookslikefilm

A photo posted by Jett: wife, mother and idiot (@little.karama.gangsters) on

Slang Summary

Not a bad list, right?

Using Instagram may seem daunting at first, but learn a few cool Instagram tricks and you'll get used to it very quickly.

And remember: learning the language is the first step toward becoming an Instagram Ninja.

So now what? Ready to up your Instagram game even more?

Grab your copy of our free ebook below and learn how to make your images pop like the PROs do.

(You'll be glad you did!)

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Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee is the Founder of &, a fashion blog that shares style for short men. Follow him on Twitter at @askaaronlee



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