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4 Fill-in-the-Blank Posts Your Facebook Page CANNOT Ignore

Posted 23 December, 2013
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I'm like a deer in headlights when I see a Fill-in-the-Blank post on Facebook.

I always feel compelled to respond!

And luckily for Facebook page admins, I'm not the only one. Fans of pages large & small seem to have the same response as me.

They cannot NOT leave a comment!

And this is good news -- because if you’re looking for ways to boost engagement on your page, then you can't do much better than a nice Fill-in-the-Blank post.

So in this blog post, I'm going to cover 4 such Fill-in-the-Blank posts -- along with real examples from fan pages so you can get some inspiration

4 Fill-in-the-Blank Posts Your Facebook Page CANNOT Ignore

There are many types of Fill-in-the-Blanks you can post on your Facebook page -- but these 4 are the biggies:

  1. Business/Product related
  2. Industry related
  3. Random topic
  4. Holiday & festive

So let's get started.

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1. Business/Product related Fill-in-the-Blanks

If you already have a strong group of advocates as fans, this post is for you.

Just create a Fill-in-the-Blank that's related to your business or product -- and watch as your fans support & recommend your product to a wider audience.

For example:

  • The first [YOUR BRAND] product I ever bought was __________.
  • [YOUR BRAND] has changed the way I __________.
  • The first word that pops into my head when I think if [YOUR BRAND] is __________.

And here are some examples of pages rocking business/product related Fill-in-the-Blanks:

>> Chili’s Grill & Bar

screen-shot-2013-11-19-at-11.10.14-pm (1) (1)

>> Eucerin US

screen-shot-2013-11-19-at-11.26.51-pm (2) (1)

>> Christian Louboutin

christian louboutin facebook

2. Industry related Fill-in-the-Blanks

These Fill-in-the-Blanks are related to your market or industry.

For example, let’s say your company is in retail fashion. Instead of asking fans about which of your specific outfits they prefer, you can ask about their favorite outfit for winter -- a more general topic related to your industry.

Here are some pages that are doing this well:

>> Live Nation

live nation facebook

>> Runner’s World

runners world facebook

>> Beats by Dre

beats by dre facebook

>> Food Network

food network facebook

3. Random topic Fill-in-the-Blanks

These Fill-in-the-Blanks are not restricted by any topic or theme.

Hence the word "Random"!

If your Fill-in-the-Blanks are not related to your business, products or industry, then they probably fall into this category.

Of course, some experts oppose posting these kinds of updates -- claiming that they dilute your company's voice or brand equity. Maybe so. But if you’re speaking to your fans on a daily basis & you know what their interests are, I say go for it!

Let’s not forget that fans are people too -- and who doesn't want to talk about their opinion?

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So instead of posting only about your business at every turn, trying mixing it up & making your posts more about your fans than about you!

Here are some random-topic Fill-in-the-Blanks from Post Planner's Status Ideas Engine:

  • The one word that best describes my workday today is ___________.
  • If I could snap my fingers and be CEO of any company, I'd be CEO of __________.
  • If I had to place a LIKE button on my body somewhere, I'd put it on my __________. (my favorite!)

And here are some companies that are rocking random topic Fill-in-the-Blanks:

>> Chick-fil-A

chick-a-fil facebook

>> Men’s Health

mens health facebook

>> Post Planner

post planner facebook


4. Holiday & festive Fill-in-the-Blanks

Fill-in-the-blank posts related to holidays can be a mix of any of the 3 types above. You can relate the post to your business, industry, or random topics -- or just talk about the holidays.

I'm putting holidays into their own category because they always offer a great occasion to post -- and your audience can usually relate.

Of course, don't forget that different peoples/nations/regions have different holidays -- so make sure you understand your audience before posting these questions.

For example, it might be embarrassing if nobody responds to your post about Thanksgiving because most your audience is in the UK.

Here are some possible Fill-in-the-Blank posts for the holidays:

  • If I could have one thing for Christmas, I would definitely take a __________.
  • My favorite holiday is Christmas because __________.
  • The ideal number of drinks on New Year's Eve is _____.

And here are some great examples:

>> Phillips Island Nature Parks

philips island facebook

>> Travel Channel

travel channel facebook

>> Loyamilk


BONUS: Fill-in-the-Blanks for the New Year!

If you’re planning to post Fill-in-the-Blank posts for the New Year, we’ve got you covered.

Try using these ones on your Facebook page:

  • This year, I will definitely be crossing __________ off my list.
  • The craziest thing I witnessed this year was __________.
  • The one bad habit I want to kick this year is __________.
  • The one new skill I want to learn this year is __________.
  • One of my New Year’s resolutions this year will be to __________.
  • If I could wish one thing for my new year it would be __________.
  • 2014 is going to be __________.
  • Fill in the blank: New Year, new __________.
  • If I could party with anyone for New Year's Eve, I would party with __________.

And if you’re looking for more awesome Fill-in-the-Blank posts for your Facebook page, you should definitely check out Post Planner's Status Ideas Engine!

There you'll find neverending content to post on your Facebook page.

Your turn!

I’ve covered 4 types of Fill-in-the-Blank posts in this blog post.

So what did I miss? Please share!

Are there other types of Fill-in-the-Blanks that you've seen crush it on Facebook?

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