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5 "Hidden Gem" Facebook Pages You Need to Follow ASAP

Posted 12 May, 2013

5_Hidden_Gem_Facebook_Pages_You_Need_to_Follow_ASAPfacebook-page-hidden-gemsCan anyone guess how many pages I've Liked on Facebook?

If you guessed over 3,200 then give yourself a pat on the back!

It's a lot, I know. But I'm trying to follow as many Facebook pages as I can.


To test Facebook's Edgerank, for one -- I want to know how my news feed will look after Liking 5,000 pages!

But also because I love seeing what others are doing:

  • how they're marketing
  • how they're targeting ads
  • how they're running Sponsored Stories
  • what content they're posting
  • etc. etc.

What are My Favorite Facebook Pages?

A friend recently asked me what my 5 favorite Facebook pages are that no one knows about.

I knew the answer immediately.

My answer may shock you -- no, they're not all "Social Media Marketing" pages.

Sure, my wife may disagree -- but I don't actually eat, sleep & dream Facebook all day every day!

In fact, lately I've been spending less time on Facebook -- so I can focus more & get more done.

In any case, here they are:

5 Facebook Pages You're Not Following But Should ASAP!

1. Invisible People

This is a page I've only recently discovered. But I'm addicted to it -- and challenged by it.


Invisible People is the passion of Mark Horvath and exists to tell the stories of homeless people around the globe.

Mark's videos are not only professional (his background is in television) but also incredibly moving -- I'd challenge you not to tear up while watching one!

Here's their About section:

Invisible People is an innovative storytelling organization that inspires action by curating thoughtful content and networking individuals, brands, and organizations to change the way we think about people experiencing homelessness.

If you want to be encouraged & inspired to make a difference, then please go Like this page -- and then share it with your friends & followers.

2. UnMarketing

unmarketingScott Stratten is absolutely crushing it with his Facebook page, UnMarketing.

The company's slogan is simple, yet powerful:

Stop Marketing, Start Engaging

I agree 110%!

Sure, Scott tends to rant a bit here & there on the page -- pointing out the ridiculous ways brands & marketers misuse and abuse social media & email marketing.

But his rants contain tons of pointers to listen to & learn from.

3. Marketing Profs

marketing profs

MarketingProfs is a must follow for anyone marketing a business.

From their About page:

MarketingProfs provides marketing know-how through its newsletters, templates, guides, courses, online seminars, conferences, and research (whew!).

They share tons of insights & real world tips that can help any business. They also use a lot of humor in their posts -- which makes me engage more.

You can get a free membership on their site -- tons of courses & resources!

4. Buzz:60


I've been a huge fan of Buzz:60 for a while now.

Basically they produce 60-second videos on various news topics from around the world. The videos are a successful because they're short & to the point -- a great combination when it comes to Facebook Marketing.

Surprisingly, they don't get a ton of interaction on their page lately -- perhaps they need to read our blog posts about how to increase engagement on Facebook!

Here's an example of a recent video about diapers & Twitter:

5. Killer Infographics

I'm a sucker for a great infographic -- maybe this goes back to my days of reading books with pictures only. :)

Infographics are getting hotter & hotter in the social media world -- especially on blogs.

The Killer Visual Strategies fan page doesn't have a ton of followers -- only 776 Likes as of writing this -- but they provide great value & are entertaining to follow.

They were just recently voted the "Geekiest Office Space" by GeekWire.com

If you're looking for ideas on graphics & ways to use them in your marketing, this is a great page to follow.

They also do motion graphics -- like this great one called "Seth Godin vs Guy Kawasaki":

Like 'em up!

Make sure to Like all of these pages & engage with their posts.

My advice: don't just follow pages in your niche!

Try to find pages that can compliment your business & that you can learn from.

So what do you think?.... What are your favorite pages that not many people know about?

Comment below.

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