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13 Ways to Repurpose a Single Tweet (and SQUEEZE the most out of your Twitter Content)

Posted 13 November, 2015


I remember back in 2009 when Twitter was my only social site. Social media was so simple back then.

Fast forward to now -- and social media is a completely different beast.

Most people I know spend a couple hours each day trying to keep up with it all.

Just take Facebook and Twitter for example. It's a never ending cycle of trying to find content our audiences will love.

We've become hamsters on the social media wheel -- and every day it's the same struggle to keep up.

But I have some good news!

I'm going to show you how you can repurpose a single tweet into 13 new pieces of content.

How's that for optimizing your time and your tweets?

I'll also show you how to find predictive content for Facebook and Twitter in less than half the time it normally takes.

These two things combined are full of so much win.

Take a deep breath because your life is about to get a lot easier!

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13 Ways to Repurpose a Single Tweet (and SQUEEZE the most out of your Twitter Content)

What does "repurposing content" mean?

I'm sure you've read about people who repurpose their content, and maybe you've tried it yourself, but do you REALLY know the power of repurposing?

Each piece of content you create starts with an idea...a good idea.

You map out the framework for how that idea will offer value to your audience.

You provide tips and solutions that will solve their problems.

In other words, you craft a piece of content you're proud of.

Now what? That's it?

This is where the power of repurposing comes in.

The valuable ideas you had when you sat down to write that blog post don't suddenly become useless after your post publishes.

As a matter of fact -- you can use that same idea to create dozens more pieces of content -- and each one will retain the same value as the first one.

Repurposing content is a mindset. It's a content philosophy that will allow you to crank out high quality content fast and frequently (often leaving people scratching their heads).

It's a way to ensure that your ideas always stay relevant and top-of-mind.

It's a way to repackage your content in new ways that will attract a new audience.

Let's take a single tweet for example

I can think of 13 ways you can repurpose a single tweet.

But before you get started -- you need to have some good tweets to choose from!

I recommend clicking over to 13 Good Tweets You Can TOTALLY Copy Right Now (Templates Included).

Or, better yet...

Use the Post Planner app to choose from thousands of viral photos you can tweet.

This is content that is already proven to be successful, and it will take all the guesswork and time out of finding content to tweet.

IMHO, it's a no brainer!


Once you've started tweeting super good content, here's what to do next:

Check your Twitter Analytics. Which tweet got the most engagement over the past 90 days?

I went into my own Analytics and found that my tweet with the highest engagement over the past 90 days was a tweet that showed a slice of bacon and hash browns that looked like a wookie.


That tweet had a 5.8% engagement rate, which is pretty high.

(All credit for this Star Wars breakfast work-of-art goes to Carrie Elle)

As you see, there was another tweet with almost 3 times as many impressions, but what we are looking at here is engagement.

If you'd like to understand more about why engagement is the most important metric, please read Yes, There IS a Science to Social Media Engagement! (Here's How It Works).

Another option is to look at your Google Analytics to see what your most popular posts are and repurpose those. 

But since we are focusing on repurposing a successful tweet in this post, we'll stick to Twitter Analytics.

The tweet with the Chewbacca bacon will work just fine.

(after all, who doesn't like bacon?)

Either way, repurposing content will build thought leadership and influence around your niche.

Now comes the fun part

Look at the list below and follow the journey of social media engagement that can come from one tweet.

1. Create a SlideShare of top tips

You could easily create a SlideShare that gives step-by-step directions so anyone can make their own wookie bacon on Saturday morning!

Tutorials work well on SlideShare.

2. YouTube video of SlideShare

You can turn your SlideShares into YouTube videos and your YouTube videos into SlideShares.

Just be sure to do both so you get the most reach.

3. Infographic

Gone are the days when you have to hire a designer for a stunning infographic!

There are plenty of free tools that you can use to create your own infographic quickly and easily.

I recommend trying Canva, PiktoChart or GoodLabs.

You could easily take the directions you put together for the SlideShare and YouTube and drop them into an infographic.

It would barely require any more work.

See how easy this repurposing stuff is?

4. Livestreaming (Blab, Periscope, Meerkat)

People want to see you making this Star Wars breakfast so livestream it! 

Livestreaming allows you to connect with your audience on a whole new level.

When the recording is complete, write a follow up post and embed the livestream right into your site.

At this point, you are becoming pretty well known for your wookie breakfast.

Klout has even added Star Wars to your list of expert topics, and people are starting to ask you some specific questions.

One Faceboook fan asked, "How do make scrambled eggs and fruit look like Star Wars too?"

5. Share a question on Quora

Now is the perfect time to share that question on Quora.

6. New blog post

After thinking about how to answer that question, you decided to write a third blog post that explains how to create scrambled egg tie-fighters and turn blackberries into Millennium Falcons.

There are so many people engaging with your content now!

Keep the momentum going.

You are nowhere close to being finished with repurposing that single tweet!

7. Webinar

You've got plenty of content now to make some PowerPoint slides and host a webinar.

You invited another Star Wars fan to co-host the webinar with you, and you're both promoting it on your social networks.

In this webinar, you'll talk about all kinds of Star Wars food designs -- and of course you'll circle back around to the original wookie bacon and hash browns.

After all, it's tricky getting that wookie shade of brown just right, but you'll instruct your audience how to do it easily!

Oh, and while you're at it, go ahead and create another SlideShare for your webinar.

8. Quote Images for Twitter

Quote images work well on Twitter, and as long as you remember to use a hashtag in your tweet, you can capture the prime real estate in Twitter search (if your picture is high quality).

Pull the images from the Star Wars breakfast foods you created for your webinar slides (they are right there on your camera roll).

Use a photo-editor to crank up the colors (vibrance, saturation, contrast, brightness) and optimize each image for Twitter.

In other words, make it a horizontal image. Vertical images don't get as much engagement on Twitter.

Then, drop those images into Canva, Relay or Over to add a Star Wars quote on each one.

Now tweet these with a link to your blog and the #StarWars hashtag.

You're really on your way now!

But we're not finished yet...

9. Bullet Point Images for Pinterest, Facebook and G+

While you're at it creating those Twitter images, how about create some customized graphics for Pinterest, Facebook and G+?

Unlike Twitter, you can use a vertical image on the other 3 big sites, and they typically do well (again, IF your images are high quality).

Instead of putting a quote on these photos, how about put a funny bullet point list with 4 reasons why bacon and wookies combined make the best breakfast ever.

10. Email Autoresponder Series

It's time to get your email list included on all this Star Wars fun.

It's the perfect time to gather all the content you have so far and create an autoreponder series.

Don't forget to include a call-to-action!

11. Interview / Podcast

Now you're probably about 3 weeks into the repurposing project for your tweet.

People are starting to ask you some very specific questions about your kitchen.

They want to know what kind of knives you use when creating your Star Wars creations, and they want to know if one kind of bacon works better than another.

You've decided to invite your favorite food artist on Twitter to be the special guest on your podcast.

You'll answer all the questions that people have about your wookie design and kitchen, and you'll also interview the food artist about general tips and tricks to save time while making food art.

The interview goes even better than expected, and now you have plenty of content for a new blog post too!

Don't forget to embed your podcast.

12. Free bonus material for new opt-in subscribers

You guessed it!

Now when anyone opts into your email list, they'll receive a link to your blog post and podcast -- which will give them 15 time-saving expert tips to make food designs lickety-split.

13. Ebook

You didn't even realize this was going to happen...but suddenly you're an expert on Star Wars food designs.

You have so much content now that it would be nice to consolidate it all in one place.

How about an ebook?

Don't run and hide!!

Many people are intimidated by the thought of putting together an Ebook, but just remember, you don't have a deadline so you can take your time with it and have fun!

I recently wrote my first Ebook, and it was a wonderful experience.

Mine was about 18 pages (gDoc), which translates to about a 25 page Ebook (with the design).

You can click over to Fiverr to find the perfect designer who can bring your words to life!

I recommend reading How to Create an Ebook from Start to Finish [+18 Free Ebook Templates].


There you go!

You have now taken a single tweet and repurposed it 13 times.

With each repurpose, you are further establishing yourself as a leader in your industry.

When you add all the social media promotion that goes along with these 13 tactics, you have an entire marketing campaign that will continue to generate website traffic for months after it's over.

So go choose your most engaging tweet and get to work.

There is all kinds of online goodness waiting for you on the other side!!


(image credit: Carrie Elle)

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