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Get Your Tweets Noticed: 11 Engagement Myths BUSTED!

Posted 15 March, 2016


Does it seem like nobody is listening to you on Twitter?

It's not easy to get your tweets noticed.

The Twitter stream moves fast and fierce -- and it’s easy to feel like your tweets are getting lost in the sea of noise.

Building a strong Twitter presence from scratch can be tricky.

Combine that with the common Twitter myths -- and you can be left feeling dazed and confused about your marketing strategy.

But no worries! We can help.

In the infographic below, we’ll bust 11 common Twitter myths that stand between you and your success.

We'll show you how Twitter can be an effective marketing tool for your business.

You can build a loyal following and an enthusiastic group of people eager to share you content!

Get Your Tweets Noticed: 11 Engagement Myths BUSTED!

Get Your Tweets Noticed: 11 Engagement Myths BUSTED! - bit.ly/1Pavn0y (by @adamsconsulting on @PostPlanner) #TwitterClick to Tweet

Convinced Twitter only works for big brands? Do you think it's not effective for the average marketer with a small budget?

Not true! We’ll bust that myth and many more.

We'll explain how Twitter can support any business, no matter the industry or niche.

You’ll even see how it can be your biggest social media marketing weapon!

If you're...

  • Trying to increase your retweets and likes
  • Trying to catch the attention of Twitter influencers in your niche
  • Trying to get your tweets to stand out in the Twitter stream
  • Trying to make those important connections for your business

This infographic is for you!

Once you dispel the common Twitter myths that have been holding you back -- you’ll be able to increase your engagement IMMEDIATELY!

In this infographic, you’ll learn:

  1. Why Twitter is the perfect place to make your brand STICK
  2. How a smaller following is your biggest asset
  3. Ways to cut through the Twitter noise (and get your message seen and HEARD)
  4. Tips to find leads, drive traffic and improve sales through a flurry of Twitter engagement
  5. And much more

Get Your Tweets Noticed: 11 Engagement Myths BUSTED! -- Download Here

Download your copy today!

Are you ready to start seeing results from the time you spend tweeting?

Finally get your tweets noticed in the Twitter stream.

Download your copy of our newest infographic! Too busy to read it now?

No worries!

Click the white "GET IT NOW" button and save this infographic to your desktop so you can dig into it later.

Just make sure you get this valuable info today.

After all -- it's free!

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