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How to Boost Social Media Engagement While Lying on a Beach

Posted 04 August, 2014

How_to_Boost_Social_Media_Engagement_While_Lying_on_a_Beach-lsboost social media engagementI recently had a 4-day family vacation at a Texas beach.

Yes, there ARE beaches in Texas!

We had a great time & made some lasting memories.

And as I soaked up the sun, none of my Facebook pages went dark.

I answered questions & my social media engagement stayed high as I put my toes in the sand & watched my kids build castles.

So how did I do it?

How to Boost Social Media Engagement While Lying on a Beach

There are a few tools that make running a business while on vacation super easy.

Some are free -- but all of them helped make it effortless for me to engage with followers & customers while I was away.

1. Post Planner

261809_371287892946535_164148597_nOf course I use Post Planner -- I love this app. And I was using it long before I joined the payroll.

Monday morning, before I left town, I used Post Planner to schedule 8 days worth of status updates, photos & links to my Facebook pages -- including the Post Planner page.

I spent about 2 hours scheduling posts for a half-dozen pages.

I'd already used Post Planner's queue feature to determine the best times to post & what types of posts to schedule when. With Post Planner, there's no guesswork & I don't have to worry about accidentally scheduling posts on top of one another or missing an entire day.

I start with the Status Ideas engine & bounce between the Questions, Fill-in-the-Blank & Deep Thoughts categories.

Then I use Post Planner's Viral Photos tool to find images that got strong engagement on other pages -- and I queue those up.

Last, I use the Trending Content engine to share articles relevant to my followers -- and I use my Sharebar to brand those pages however I like.

That's it! It took 2 hours to supply 6 pages with strong content for 8 days straight. Killer!

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On my personal profile & my Bigfoot page I've queued many links & have set them to re-queue so they repeat & I don't have to schedule the posts again.

Don't do this with every post, but it's a great way to expose more people to your evergreen content.

Here's how to re-queue a post with Post Planner:


These posts are now on autopilot. I won't have to schedule them ever again.

The content will post, then get sent to the end of the queue again -- to post in the next available slot. And re-queuing 40 to 50 posts means the material will see a new set of eyeballs almost every time.

Fun fact: we have almost 250 evergreen blogposts set to re-queue on the Post Planner fan page. That's 3 posts a day for about 3 months!

2. Pages Manager App

Now that these outstanding posts are scheduled, I need to make sure I engage with anyone who comments on my pages.

While on vacation, I used Facebook's Pages Manager app on my Samsung Galazy S5 to respond to comments, messages & posts.

Facebook notified me when there was activity on my pages.

pages manager app list

That lets me visit the activity via the notification or respond to users using the page list shown above.

As I kicked it on the beach, I received notifications, quickly responded & went back to enjoying the sun!

But don't feel like you have to immediately reply to every comment. People are usually cool if it takes a few hours to respond.

I was on the beach when I replied to this member of our experts group:

post planner vacation

There are many ways to respond to customers while on the go. But this one works like a charm!

3. Customer Support Tools

PrintEveryone at Post Planner helps with support. I cover most daytime hours in the US -- checking support tickets several times throughout the day.

And we mostly use Zendesk.

Typically, I do support on my desktop. But there's a Zendesk app that makes it easy to respond to tickets while on the go. You can respond via your phone & you know your response was sent quickly.

I used the mobile app & my Chromebook to do support while on vacation.

Customers won't care that you're at the beach, just that you quickly responded to their inquiry.

4. Twitter App

I have several Twitter accounts for business & pleasure. One personal & 4 business-related accounts.

And I kept social media engagement high on those accounts while I was away -- thanks to notifications I received on my phone.

You can add multiple accounts to your Twitter app & effortlessly switch accounts on a whim:

twitter accounts

My main concern on Twitter is responding to mentions & retweets. I checked each account once or twice a day while on vacation.

Interact with people who engage with your tweets. It takes 5 minutes & the impact on your followers will last.

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Do it on the toilet if you don't want to interfere with family time!!


5. Skype

skype logoPost Planner workers are spread around the globe. We have team members in California, Bulgaria, Malaysia & Texas.

There's constant communication -- and Skype is where we stay connected.

Luckily, the Skype mobile app made the program easy to use from my phone while I was away.

An alternative to Skype is a program called HipChat. It does everything Skype does & more. And Google Hangouts of course work great.

Enjoy Your Vacation

This mix of tools made it easy to monitor social media & engage with fans & customers while on vacation.

But don't be that person sitting at breakfast working while your family is eating -- put down the phone!

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Take a few minutes in the morning & a few at night -- and your followers will have no idea that you're actually chugging brews from a funnel on the beach!! ;)

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