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5 Crazy-Ass Numbers Showing How to Use Twitter for Business

5 Crazy-Ass Numbers Showing How to Use Twitter for Business

5_Crazy-Ass_Numbers_Showing_How_to_Use_Twitter_for_Business-lshow to use Twitter for businessMention asked me recently to participate in one of their social media studies.

The firm examined 23,000+ company alerts on Twitter, which generated over 35 million mentions.

The results from the study were amazing!

Mention crammed the fascinating numbers into an awesome infographic, which I get to later in this post.

For now, I'll detail some of the findings:

5 Crazy-Ass Numbers Showing How to Use Twitter for Business

1. The average business was mentioned in about 273 tweets per week


  • People tweet a lot about businesses! -- so use Twitter every day to know when your company gets mentioned >> Click to Tweet
  • Monitor when your competitors are mentioned on Twitter -- and jump in the conversation when you have a chance
  • Don't automate your tweets
  • Respond when your company gets mentioned >> Click to Tweet

2. 31% of the tweets mentioning businesses did NOT use the business's Twitter handle


  • You might be missing hot leads & about 30 percent of the feedback about your company
  • Search for mentions of your competition without using the @ sign

3. About 9% of tweets began with @


4. 60% of tweets mentioning companies were NOT retweeted


  • There's time for damage control

5. 60% of tweets were posted outside regular office hours


Wait... there's more!

The infographic has lots of other great stuff from guys like:




As you can see, there are tons of opportunities on Twitter for small business owners.

If you’re monitoring your company & your competitors, you'll have an edge. And try standing out more by tweeting outside business hours & on weekends.

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