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Double Your Number of LinkedIn Connections in Just 5 Minutes per Day

Double Your Number of LinkedIn Connections in Just 5 Minutes per Day

Double_Your_Number_of_LinkedIn_Connections_in_Just_5_Minutes_per_Day-lsdouble linkedin connectionsHave you been ignoring LinkedIn?

Let me guess... your Facebook page is smokin' & your Twitter is going pretty well too.

You're even taking advantage of all that Google+ has to offer -- Hangouts, Circles and all the rest.

But what about LinkedIn?

With 225 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, according to a new WhoIsHostingThis? infographic.

The communication style may not be what you're used to on websites like Facebook & Twitter, but there are lots of ways to use Linkedin to:

  • get noticed
  • make new connections
  • become an influential player in your niche

This infographic has 6 easy LinkedIn strategies you can start using today.

Double Your Number of LinkedIn Connections in Just 5 Minutes per Day

Be Active

InviteOnly about a third of LinkedIn members log in every day.

Here are some tips for boosting your activity on LinkedIn:

  • Update your status every day
  • Comment on updates from companies you follow
  • Share updates from your connections
  • Send an invite for a new connection at least once a day

Make it Personal

Personal1Always include a personalized greeting when you send a connection request.

Here's how to write a genuine message that will catch someone's attention:

  • Describe yourself as you would in person
  • Tell them why you admire their work
  • Keep it short
  • Avoid cliches

Reach Out

Reach OutLinkedIn's alumni search feature helps you find connections from high school & college.

Other ways to reach out on LinkedIn include:

  • Making it easy for people to contact you
  • Joining LinkedIn groups in your niche

81% of LinkedIn members belong to at least on group.

Be Smart


Use your updates to get your network to engage.

When posting, make sure you:

  • Share content that is relevant to your niche & industry
  • Ask questions when you share an article or blog post to get your connections to respond

Endorse People You Know

An endorsement is a great way to show someone you respect & value their skills.

Here are some endorsement best practices:

  • Endorse others without expecting an endorsement in return
  • Endorse people you know for skills you admire
  • Thank those who endorse you

Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

Tell people about your LinkedIn profile -- online & off.

Post your profile:

  • on your store window
  • in your marketing materials
  • on your business card
  • in promotional materials at events


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