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6 Facebook Contests You Can Run WITHOUT a Like-Gate (and Still Crush It!)

Posted 14 August, 2014

6_Facebook_Contests_You_Can_Run_WITHOUT_a_Like-Gate_and_Still_Crush_It-lsfacebook contests without like gateFacebook has banned the Like-gate.

This means you're not allowed to make people Like your page to enter a contest or download a digital product.

As some app developers scurry to pivot, I want to show why I think banning the Like-gate was a great move.

That's right, I’m glad it happened!

And in this post, I show you how you can make your next Facebook contest rock -- without relying on a Like-gate.

6 Facebook Contests You Can Run WITHOUT a Like-Gate (and Still Crush It!)

1. Contest with a Relevant Prize

Make your Facebook contest amazing by giving away unique & relevant prizes. Enticing prizes will get more fans to enter your contests.

Give away one of your special or "limited edition" products -- or a private consultation.

Give away a product that you haven’t released yet -- a way for fans to get a sneak peek & provide early reviews.

Most importantly, give away something that people can easily buy somewhere else.

2. Contest with Several Smaller Prizes

One grand prize is a great idea (as long as the prize is relevant!).

But giving away several smaller prizes will encourage a lot more people to enter your contest.

And if you spread those prizes out across time, you'll keep people's attention longer.

3. Contests where you Partner With Other Companies

Try partnering on Facebook contests with other companies that have strong fan bases on Facebook.

This helps both businesses by allowing co-promotion on multiple channels -- thus increasing your brand awareness & Likes...



4. Fan of the Week Contest

Your customers provide awesome testimonials, right? Of course they do!

So sponsor a contest that gets your fans to share photos of them using your product or service.

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Schedule these contests weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Quest Nutrition does these types of contests extremely well.


5. Contest with a Pro App!

Even without a Like-gate, a contest app is super valuable since the tool encourages fans to share your contest with friends in exchange for more chances to win.

This gets your contest more shares & participants from your target audience.

My favorite contest apps include:

Here's a killer example from AgoraPulse:


6. Discount Contest

Instead of one large prize for the winner, why not offer a significant discount to ANYONE who enters your Facebook contest?

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Contestants receive the discount when they enter by submitting their email.

A win-win!


Facebook users are smarter than ever. Treat them that way!

Remember -- even a Like-gate didn’t stop people from un-liking your page when the contest was over.

So here’s your chance to be more creative without relying on a Like-gate.

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