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Yes, Facebook Videos Autoplay... But It's SO Easy to Turn Off

Posted 12 August, 2014

Yes_Facebook_Videos_Autoplay..._But_Its_SO_Easy_to_Turn_Off-lsfacebook-videos-autoplayHave you seen videos playing automatically on your Facebook & Instagram feeds?

Many people find this annoying -- and that's understandable.

Facebook did this so you would watch more videos on their sites.

And yes, as a business owner, you should definitely be posting more videos on Facebook & Instagram!

On Facebook, the sound on auto-play videos is muted until you click the video.

Autoplay on Instagram includes audio & video, which can be embarrassing when you're sitting in a meeting or on the toilet.


Yeah... it's time to stop the madness!


Sorry... couldn't resist. :)

Anyway, would you like to shut off these pesky auto-play videos?! Here's how:

Yes, Facebook Videos Autoplay... But It's SO Easy to Turn Off

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It's really easy to stop videos from playing automatically on Facebook. Here's how I did it from my desktop:

>> Click to Tweet <<

Click the dropdown arrow on the far right & choose "Settings":


Choose "Videos" from the left sidebar:


The next screen lets you choose to turn auto-play videos off or on:


It's that simple!

Shut off Auto-Play Videos on Your Mobile Device

It's probably most annoying on your smartphone when Facebook videos autoplay. These videos will quickly consume all your data if you're not careful.

Here's how I shut down auto-play videos on my Android device:

>> Click to Tweet <<

Start by tapping the "Settings" icon on the right side (the 3 stacked bars, aka the hamburger).

Then choose "App Settings":


Next choose the "Video Auto-Play" link:


You'll then see this pop-up:


Here's where you turn auto-play videos off & on.

You can also have them play only on wi-fi, which helps preserve your data plan.

Auto-Play Videos on Instagram

Ok, so you know how to turn off auto-play on Facebook -- but can you do it on Instagram?

Actually, you can't. :(

But you CAN make the videos a bit less obnoxious. And here's how:

>> Click to Tweet <<

Tap the Settings icon on the right side -- the 3 dots:


Choose "Videos":


The next screen will show you a few options:


Here you can turn off the sound on auto-play vids. Remember -- sound is activated by default.

If you turn it off, you can always turn it back on down the road.

You can also have videos play automatically only on wi-fi (to save data on your plan).

But there's no way to completely shut off auto-play videos on Instagram, which is odd.

Will You Adjust Auto-Play Videos on Facebook & Instagram?

So now that you know how to do it, will you adjust the auto-play settings on your Instagram & Facebook news feed?

Personally, I let the videos play -- but I shut off the sound on Instagram. ;)

How about you?

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