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5 Gnarliest Benefits of Twitter Chats (WHY Aren't You Using Them??)

Posted 20 November, 2014

5_Gnarliest_Benefits_of_Twitter_Chats_WHY_Arent_You_Using_Them-lstwitter chatsHeard of Twitter chats?

It's when a group of Twitter users get together to discuss a specific topic or niche.

A hashtag is assigned to the chat, like:

  • #BlogChat
  • #SEOChat
  • #MillennialChat
  • #NostalgiaChat

And participants follow the hashtag to follow the chat.

It’s like having a discussion over coffee with 20 people at a time. But better, because the conversation moves quickly & coffee at home is free. Score!

If you don’t know where to start, use ChatSalad to find Twitter chats in your industry.

Here are a few basic rules:

  1. Don’t Spam
  2. Obey Rule #1
  3. Be Friendly & Responsive

In this post, I'll give you 5 reasons why participating in a Twitter chats is one of the best things you can do on social media.

5 Gnarliest Benefits of Twitter Chats (WHY Aren't You Using Them??)

exposed-241x300exposed1. Get Exposure!

If you’re new to Twitter, chats are a great way to get your name out there.

Chats provide easy opportunities to introduce yourself!

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The more chats you attend, the more comfortable you'll become with the group.

2. Share Your Expertise

In a Twitter chat, everyone has a voice. You're always able to share your thoughts & ideas.

This lets you gain credibility & trust in your industry.

following-294x300following3. Grow Your Twitter Following

When you're active in Twitter chats & building your community, others who want to learn from you will follow you on Twitter.

And who doesn't want more followers, right?

You can also use chats to find the best people to follow on Twitter -- folks who may follow you back once you get noticed in a few chats.

4. Learn From Others

There's no better place to mingle with bigwigs in your industry than a Twitter chat.

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Twitter chats are great places to converse with people who you may not speak with every day.

And you'll learn a lot from these chats:

  • tips about ways to improve your business
  • travel tips
  • latest news breaking in your industry


brandingbranding5. Brand Your Business

You can start your own Twitter chat once you've developed a following in your industry.

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Hosting a weekly Twitter chat can bring amazing exposure to your business. Twitter chats also make it easy to engage with followers, which strengthens relationships with current & future customers.

Check out the engagement on Expedia's Twitter chat:


Key Takeaways

Let’s review again how Twitter chats can help you.

  1. Get Exposure!
  2. Share Your Expertise
  3. Grow Your Twitter Following
  4. Learn From Others
  5. Brand Your Business

And never forget the first 2 rules of a Twitter chat!

What about you? What are your favorite Twitter chats?

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