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Can't Turn Off Autocorrect?! Here's an Easy Fix for ANY Mobile Device

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Cant_Turn_Off_Autocorrect_Heres_an_Easy_Fix_for_ANY_Mobile_Device-lsturn off autocorrectHad it with autocorrect on your smartphone?

I know I have!

I often send texts or comment on Facebook posts only to realize my sentence made no sense whatsoever -- thanks to autocorrect!

Sometimes my words are changed entirely!

If it's a comment or reply, I'll usually edit or delete & start again -- especially if autocorrect ended up posting something inappropriate.

Have any of these kinds of autocorrect fails happened to you?







Luckily there's a simple fix that will make your life easier.

Today I'll show you how to tweak autocorrect to make it a bit less pesky.

Can't Turn Off Autocorrect?! Here's an Easy Fix for ANY Mobile Device

There are times when you actually want to type a cuss word, but your phone by default won't let you.

Or perhaps there's a word you use a lot that keeps getting "corrected".

Did you know there's a way on iPhone & Android devices to prevent the phones from automatically changing the words you use all the time?

A video from BuzzFeed posted at the end of this article explains the easy fix.


Methods may vary from phone to phone, but I was able to navigate these instructions on my Samsung Galaxy S5:

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  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll Down to "Languages & Keyboard"
  3. Select "Input Options"
  4. Go to Your Personal Dictionary
  5. Add the Word!


>> Click to Tweet

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click "General"
  3. Click "Keyboard"
  4. Scroll to "Add New Shortcut"
  5. Type Your Desired Phrase
  6. And the Shortcut (you could actually add the same word to both the Phrase & Shortcut to make this work better)

Easy Fix!

That's it... very simple!

And it just might save you some embarrassment!

Check out the video from BuzzFeed:

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Scott Ayres
Scott Ayres

Co-author of Facebook All-In-One for Dummies and "Ambassador of Awesome" at Post Planner, Scott became addicted to social media before even MySpace (the first time around!). Scott handles training for the Post Planner app as well as Customer Support, Blogging and Social Media. He's been married for 21 years and has 3 kiddos who are his world! Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.


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