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6 Ways to Tap Into the Power of Emojis on Instagram (follow these examples!)

Posted 11 May, 2015

6_Ways_to_Tap_Into_the_Power_of_Emojis_on_Instagram_follow_these_examples-lsemojis on instagramEver feel like you don’t stand out on Instagram?

Or that nobody sees your posts?

I sure did.

  • I didn’t feel like I stood out
  • I didn’t feel like I was cool enough
  • I didn’t feel like anyone noticed me

But then I discovered the EXPLOSIVE emotional power of emojis on Instagram.

In this post, I'll show you how I TRIPLED my Instagram engagement by calling in a sniper squad of cute little emojis.

And the best part? You can too!

Read on to learn my secrets to skyrocketing Instagram engagement -- and attracting more followers -- with emojis!

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6 Ways to Tap Into the Power of Emojis on Instagram (follow these examples!)

In his Pulse article, "Instagram’s New Ad Product: The Print Industry's Worst Nightmare," Gary Vaynerchuk said this:

At the end of the day, the attention graph is all that matters. Meaning, the place where your customers spend their time should be your number one priority. And right now, Instagram is the king of the attention graph.

When I read Vaynerchuk's assessment, I was more excited than ever about the possibilities of leveraging Instagram for marketing and social klout.

Then I thought, “Wait, how am I going to get attention?”

The Relationship between Art and Emojis

The first thing I did was research. Since Instagram is about art, I wanted to get a clear definition of the subject.

Here's how the Oxford Dictionary defines art:

Art - the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Pretty cool definition right?

Now, let me share with you the (totally not-glamorous) definition of an emoji:

Emoji - a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication.

Here's the blockbuster that follows, though: Emojis and art are closely related!

  • Both are visual
  • Both highlight emotions

Doesn't it make sense that emojis would be engaging on Instagram?


I’ve seen 3x Instagram growth by calling on emojis to ignite engagement.

1. Find a "people angle" and play the card!

Since Instagram is about art, great images are essential.

We know that now.

Like great art, emojis demand interpretation -- and that can sometimes require a bit of thought. In a way, emojis are a "visual brainteaser".

When you get readers trying to "guess the emoji," you strengthen the bond between you and your audience.

Let me show you what I mean.


Here's a fun shot by Immerse Photography showing Cyrissa with two of her first clients -- now parents. Let’s look at the difference between a "normal comment" and what I would call a "crush emoji" comment.

  • Normal comment: "Love the photo!"
  • Crush emoji comment: "TIM TAM SHOOTER NOW" (my initial comment further up the feed)

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Since I live in Australia, I figured why not include more Aussies on the post, right?

That twist turned into an Aussie discussion about Tim Tam’s (cookies) and vegemite.

An emoji engagement explosion gets people looking and attracts more eyeballs!

(It's a Guy Kawasaki principle: Entertainment = Eyeballs!)

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2. Attract more followers with emoji emotions

We all love a good Valentines Day dog post right?

Look at how Sue B. Zimmerman combined a dog, emojis and Valentine's Day to generate buzz.



  • Normal comment: "That's so cute!"
  • Crush emoji comment: "How ador:)ble and aw:)some!!!

Don't you love the comment by @ps.ny?

  • It causes you to think
  • It grabs your attention
  • It makes you smile

This is where emoji engagement explodes!

It’s also the reason why someone comes over to your account to follow and Like your stuff.

They are absolutely emoji-smitten!

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3. Be creative with emojis!



  • Normal comment: "Awesome!"
  • Crush emoji comment: "keep [emoji]’n in the [emoji] [emoji]"

ArnoldGrape's comment is so good that @swingingsarahcooper tags another friend to check it out!

If you read more of the comments you’ll see an incredibly entertaining post. That is emoji engagement gone wild (#EEGW)!

The original post is an Instagram tip about responding to comments, but it turns into a memorable emoji singing fest.

  • It’s entertaining
  • It’s the reason why people come back for more
  • It’s your new secret to stand out on the #1 platform for attention!

It’s time for you to #CrushEmojis!

4. Be memorable with emojis!


Here's another look at the uber-talented Sue B. Zimmerman. As always, she’s having a brilliant time with a new client. So, in the spirit of the moment, let’s look at what stands out.

  • Normal comment: "Hi SueB - thanks for intro to @ZiZ87"
  • Crush emoji comment: "He’s a tightrope walker and doing it [emoji] (blind folded) … yes or no?"

The normal comment is great (and in many cases will still generate a response).

But, we want you to stand out!

  • We want you to foster explosive emoji engagement
  • We want you to be memorable
  • We want you to have as much fun as we do!

When you start to #CrushEmojis — you’ll explode with emoji engagement!!!

5. Gain the attention of influencers with emojis!


Let’s have a look at Jules Marcoux. He is someone I respect as a marketer -- and a guy who generates an incredible following.

I don’t personally know Jules, but I've gained his attention with strategic #CrushEmojis tactics.

  • Normal comment: "Happy Birthday!"
  • Crush emoji comment: [All emojis]

The comment I left ENGAGED Jules. This is what you are after... build and strengthen relationships with emojis.

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6. Tag users next to emojis!


This is a great post by friend and client @CoffeeEmporiumRouseHill.

Let me show you another way you can explode engagement using emojis.

  • Normal comment: "Ahh!"
  • Crush emoji comment: "@sugarandbloom [emoji x 4]"

The comment I left was pinged Sugar and Bloom-- one of the leading food blogs near this coffee shop.

Not only did I get their attention -- but they ENGAGED.

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Wrapping It Up

Remember, I was just like you. I felt like I didn’t stand out.

I didn’t think I was cool enough. I didn’t think anyone would notice me.

Amazingly though, I did cut through. I was cool enough. People have noticed me. And, they will notice you too.

You have NO EXCUSE to not comment with 1 emoji relevant to the post.

1 emoji tap won’t kill ya.

Use the emojis to help you shine and connect with other influencers, customers and future friends.

Let me know you read the article by following me on Instagram and by leaving a comment below. I’d love to see your work first-hand and help you generate more ideas.

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