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17 "Humans of" Facebook Pages You Should Like & Follow

Posted 03 June, 2014

17_22Humans_of22_Facebook_Pages_You_Should_Like__Follow-lsfacebook-stories-to-tell-sqI couldn’t sleep last night after scrolling through the Humans of New York Facebook page.

After 30 minutes, it hit me!

There HAVE to be other pages like this that share these amazing stories about real people!

And I was right.

In this post, I'll show you some of the best “Humans of” pages on Facebook.

I share them because there are a ton of content marketing lessons we can learn from telling stories & posting powerful images.

Consider creating "humans of"-type posts for your business page.

For example:

Humans of Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Try featuring photos of your customers & sharing stories about them on your page.

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It doesn’t get more personal than that!

Imagine all the stories you could share on Facebook from people who come into your business:

  • Plans for the weekend
  • What they're doing for the rest of the day
  • Purpose for their visit
  • Interesting personal anecdotes

I can't imagine all the exciting stuff your customers would love to share.

17 "Humans of" Facebook Pages You Should Like & Follow

Start with just a post or 2 each week.

Remember: gathering the content will also help you connect with your customers better.

And the possibilities are endless.

Here I've compiled 17 of the most shared posts from "Humans of" pages around the world.

But first, watch this video -- so you know what goes on behind the scenes at Humans of New York.

1. Humans of New York

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2. Humans of India

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3. Humans of Rome

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4. Humans of Amsterdam

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5. Humans of Sydney

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6. Humans of Melbourne

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7. Humans of Tehran

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8. Humans of Paris

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9. Humans of Bombay

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10. Humans of Edinburgh

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11. Humans of Ireland

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12. Humans of Spain

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13. Humans of Seoul

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14. Humans of Auckland City

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15. Humans of Vilnius

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16. Humans of Portland

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17. Humans of San Antonio

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Some amazing stories, eh?

Wouldn't you love to post powerful content like that on your Facebook page?

If you did, I bet your fan engagement would be off the charts!

Please tell me a little bit about your business in the comments below -- and what kinds of stories you might share about your customers.

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