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Visual Guide to Understanding Paid, Owned and Earned Media

Posted 22 January, 2015

Visual_Guide_to_Understanding_Paid_Owned_and_Earned_Media-lspaid owned earned mediaIf you're in marketing, you've probably heard these terms:

  1. paid media
  2. owned media
  3. earned media

But do you know what they mean??

I didn't. :)

But apparently all 3 are important to your marketing strategy.

Luckily, I found an infographic from The Media Octopus that does a good job explaining these important marketing concepts.

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Visual Guide to Understanding Paid, Owned and Earned Media

Before you skip to the graphic below, please familiarize yourself with these 3 important terms -- because you'll probably run into them in your work sometime soon!

1. Paid Media

Paid media comes from the traffic generated by ads.

Paid media is usually the quickest & easiest way to expose your brand to a new audience.

But it gets expensive in a hurry! And once you turn it off, it's off.


2. Earned Media

Earned media is the free publicity you get from fans, followers, bloggers & the press!

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Earned media includes:

  • Retweets, Likes, Shares, etc.
  • Reporters & Bloggers Writing About Your Business
  • Online Reviews
  • Word-of-Mouth Promotion


3. Owned Media

Owned media are the marketing channels you control.

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Owned media include:

  • Your Website
  • Retail Stores (online and offline)
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Apps


Ok, cool!..

Now let's check out the infographic.

After reading above, you can probably see that the concepts aren't as confusing as they sound.

And... it's easy to see how a good understanding of them can give your marketing efforts that much-needed shot in the arm!


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