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Here's What Facebook, Twitter, Etc. Would Look Like as Cats... Yes, CATS

Posted 08 November, 2014

Here_s_What_Facebook_Twitter_Etc_Would_Look_Like_as_Cats_Yes__CATSsocial-media-websitesMost articles I write on this blog try to help small businesses with their social media marketing.

But sometimes I just have to share something funny!

And I think this post is hilarious!

Lately, I've become an infographic junkie.

And while some of the graphics I find are serious & informative, others are just plain silly -- like the one I'm sharing today.

The infographic below shows what 7 major social media websites would look like if they were cats.

That's right, cats!

And why not?! Cats & the internet get along great. So feast your eyes on this infographic from accordingtodevin.

Here's What Facebook, Twitter, Etc. Would Look Like as CATS

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