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26 Funny Pics to Post on Facebook (to Get More LIKES)

26 Funny Pics to Post on Facebook (to Get More LIKES)

26_Funny_Pics_to_Post_on_Facebook_to_Get_More_LIKES-lsfunny pics to post on facebookLooking for funny pics to post on Facebook?

Then I've got a treat for you!!

I just used Post Planner to find the most viral pics from 26 of the funniest pages on Facebook.

These are funny pics that REALLY went viral on Facebook!

I'm sure you'll recognize the mega-pages on this list, including:

  • The Oatmeal
  • Awkward Family Photos
  • George Takei
  • Grumpy Cat
  • People of Walmart
  • Cracked
  • Cyanide & Happiness

But hopefully the most viral photos from these pages will give you ideas about which types of funny pics to post on Facebook -- so you can post pics that get more likes, comments and shares!

Anyway, enjoy!

26 Funny Pics to Post on Facebook (to Get More LIKES)

1. Cheezburger

Likes: 693k

>> Click to Tweet


2. Quickmeme

Likes: 703k

>> Click to Tweet


3. Cyanide & Happiness

Likes: 9 million

>> Click to Tweet


4. Awkward Family Photos

Likes: 2.3 million

>> Click to Tweet


5. Animals smoking Durrys

Likes: 648k

>> Click to Tweet


6. Pusheen

Likes: 7.7 million

>> Click to Tweet


7. Comedy 103.1

Likes: 899k

>> Click to Tweet


8. theCHIVE

Likes: 1.2 million

>> Click to Tweet


9. Random Humor

Likes: 21k

>> Click to Tweet


10. Mommy Needs a Beer

Likes: 850k


11. George Takei

Likes: 7.7 million

>> Click to Tweet


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12. *Clean* Funny Pics

Likes: 232k

>> Click to Tweet


13. The Oatmeal

Likes: 2.9 million

>> Click to Tweet


14. CollegeHumor

Likes: 3.6 million

>> Click to Tweet


15. Smosh

Likes: 6.2 million

>> Click to Tweet


16. Men's Humor

Likes: 6 million

>> Click to Tweet


17. 9GAG

Likes: 19.3 million

>> Click to Tweet


19. People of Walmart

Likes: 1.3 million

>> Click to Tweet


20. The secret to humor is surprise.

Likes: 1.6 million

> Click to Tweet


21. Funnyjunk

Likes: 93k

>> Click to Tweet

22. Women's Humor

Likes: 99k

>> Click to Tweet

23. Funny or Die

Likes: 9.6 million

>> Click to Tweet

24. im not right in the

Likes: 1.9 million

>> Click to Tweet

25. The Official Grumpy Cat

Likes: 6.6 million

>> Click to Tweet

26. Someecards

Likes: 2.7 million

>> Click to Tweet


So those are the most viral funny pics to post on Facebook from 26 hilarious Facebook pages.

Want to see more?

No problem. You can use Post Planner to find the most viral photos from any Facebook page.

Just install the Post Planner app -- then click "Viral Photos" to add any page you want.

Btw, I'm always looking for new pages to add to Post Planner's Viral Photos library. So please post the URLs for your favorite visual Facebook pages in the comments below.

If they're good, I'll definitely add them! :)

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