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Here's What Facebook Would Have Looked Like in 1995... Seriously!

Posted 27 January, 2015

Heres_What_Facebook_Would_Have_Looked_Like_in_1995..._Seriously-lsthe facebookI grew up in the '80s and '90s so I clearly remember a world without smartphones, the internet or social media.

I know... it's weird!

I also remember hoarding AOL discs so I could use the internet for free.

Aaaaah, dial-up. Those were the days!

I didn't even have a computer till 1997 -- when people mostly used the internet for email & chatrooms.

But as soon as I got online -- I was hooked!

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You probably remember this commercial if you were alive back then:


Here's What Facebook Would Have Looked Like in 1995... Seriously!

AOL & Yahoo! were the great early pioneers of the internet -- and they're actually still around.

But have you ever imagined what Facebook would have been like if it had existed in 1995?

Can you even imagine?!

Thanks to comedian Brent Weinbach -- we don't have to wonder anymore!

This parody of the America Online commercial shows what "The Facebook" might have looked like in the '90s!


The shaky recording, bad fonts & cheesy soundtrack are spot on.

And calling it "The Facebook" pays homage to Mark Zuckerberg's original name for his website.

What about you? Would you have paid for Facebook in 1995?

While you think about it, how about I leave you with the soundtrack of modems and "AOL":


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