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What to Post on Facebook When You Don't Know What to Post

Posted 24 March, 2014

What_to_Post_on_Facebook_When_You_Dont_Know_What_to_Post-lswhat to post on FacebookPosting consistently on Facebook & other social media websites isn’t easy.

Where do you find content?

What should you share?

Does certain content perform better on certain platforms?

How do you know?

To answer these questions, here are some social media tips to help you find content when you don’t know what to post.

Next time you’re feeling lost for ideas, pull out this list -- because sometimes the secret to not feeling stumped is as simple as a great resource. ;)

So keep these ideas handy for the next time you hit a wall!

What to Post on Facebook When You Don't Know What to Post

1. Inspiring Blog Posts or Articles

If you’re not already subscribed to industry blogs, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Whether you’re on social media to promote a bakery or to help brand a plumbing business, following blogs that relate to your target audience gives you great fodder for sharing online.

Sign up for a free account with a service like Bloglovin, add blogs you want to follow, and enjoy a one-stop resource to track multiple sites all at once.

Then, when something interests you, share it on social media.

Post Planner also has an epic feature for following blogs. You just add any blog to see its recent articles, and then sort the blog's content by popularity so you can be sure you're sharing the most viral articles.

Remember -- relevant content will please your audience & make you someone worth following.

It will also build camaraderie among other influential people in your industry.

2. Beautiful Photos

If there’s anything networks like Instagram & Pinterest have taught us, it’s this:

People like pretty pictures!

Particularly on social media sites that focus on visuals.

Sharing beautiful images is never a bad idea. So when you’re not sure what to post on Facebook, try sharing something visually stunning.

image01 (1)

If you need help finding beautiful photos, head over to your Post Planner app.

Once you're there, click: Photos > Beautiful Photos

I promise you -- you CANNOT go wrong with any of "Most viral" photos you find here. ;)


Meaningful quotes perform well on virtually every social network.

You motivate & inspire your followers when you share quotes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.


And again, if you need some proven quote images, just head to your Post Planner app.

Once there, click: Photos > Awesome Quotes

Then sort by "Most Viral", share the best images, and watch your engagement SOAR!

4. Your Own Content

Definitely use your social media accounts to promote your content online.

Just don’t let that be all you post!

Tweet links to new articles, share a photo from your recent blog post, and so on.

Presumably your fans follow you because they like what you’re doing, and most will appreciate you sharing updates & new content from time to time.


5. News & Updates

Sharing news & updates about your company goes hand-in-hand with sharing the content you create.

Building your brand means sharing its voice -- and part of the beauty of social media is the way it allows you to let fans in on behind-the-scenes activities.

This could include:

  • announcements about new products
  • photos of event prep work
  • requests for feedback
  • and more

In every case, you’re keeping fans informed while deepening their connection with your company or brand.


The Bottom Line

Above all, the best way to improve your content marketing is to understand your audience.

When you’re truly stumped for an idea, ask yourself who you’re trying to reach.

Anthropologie has a mostly younger, female audience, for example.

Travel + Leisure caters to a broader, but highly affluent group. And food magazines like Bon Appetit target food lovers of all kinds.

So who is your audience?

When you know who you’re targeting, you'll definitely know what sort of content to share.

Use the inspiring sources above to guide your efforts. :)

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