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101 Best Twitter Lists To Follow in the Twitterverse

Posted 26 February, 2014
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101_Best_Twitter_Lists_To_Follow_in_the_Twitterverse-lsbest twitter lists to followYou've heard it before: Twitter is a firehose!

So how do you keep up with important tweets without having to scan your Twitter feed nonstop?

Two words: Twitter lists

I recently wrote about Twitter lists & showed you how to build your own lists to follow your favorite niches.

After that post, a friend asked me how to follow awesome Twitter lists without creating them yourself.

Here's my answer! :)

In this post I'll highlight 101 awesome Twitter lists -- created by tweeters from all walks of life.

I've arranged the lists in categories like:

  • Social Media
  • Startups & Tech
  • Venture Capital
  • Journalists/News
  • Women
  • Businesses
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Tools
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food
  • Travel

And yes, I spent hours & drank loads of coffee compiling these lists.

So please enjoy them! :)

101 Best Twitter Lists To Follow in the Twitterverse

Before we get started, can you do me a huge favor and tweet this awesome list out to your peeps?

Just click "Click to Tweet":

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Ok, perfect! Now let's get to it...


Social Media Twitter Lists

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1. Influencers


By Ari Herzog

Every person on this list has at least 10,000 Twitter followers. You'll find people like me (ahem), Kim Garst & Lolly Daskal.

2. Thought Leaders

By Josh Weinberger

With a whopping 390 members, more than 1,841 people subscribe to this list. Members include heavyweights like Guy Kawasaki & David Meerman Scott.

3. Top Twitter Influencers

By Simply Measured

As the name suggests, this list has some of the top INFLUENCERS in social media.

4. Thought Leaders

By Aaron Lee

I included guys like Gary Vaynerchuk & Dave Kerpen. I visit this list every day.

5. Social Media Experts

By Juan Felix

Wow, this list has 555 social media pros!

6. bloggers

By Ray Carroll

Packed with some of the best bloggers on Earth -- this list even includes Post Planner's Scott Ayres.

7. Social Media

By Paul Taylor

Check out these digital media experts.

8. PR-Marketing-Top250

By Rami Kantari

This list includes Tweet Smarter & more than 300 others.

9. Social Media Experts

By Super Likable

Nearly 400 people this firm often engages with on Twitter.

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10. Social Media

By Aaron Lee

Here I list users who tweet great content related to social media. It took me more than 2 years to get nearly 600 people listed in the same place.

11. Copywriting/Writing

By Unbounce

Don't let the size of this list fool you, among its members are influencers like Mathew Ingram.

12. Social Media

By Mashable

Mashable's list helps you keep up as social media evolves.

13. The Circle

By Ted Coine

The description of this list reads "Think Three Musketeers, only there's more of us." How many more? About 1,515!

14. Content Marketers

By Martin Smith

Jeff Bullas & Medium definitely belong on this great list.

15. AdWeek Marketing Top 50

By Mark Schaefer

Take it from me, this is one to keep your eye on.

16. Rising Stars

By Jason Pollock

Twitter's up-and-comers -- check it out!

Startups & Tech Twitter Lists

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17. Reasonable News


By Jacob Taylor

Want to keep up with what's happening in the tech world? This is the list to follow.

18. Tech

By David Bradford

Another great tech list featuring organizations like CNET, The Guardian & Huffington Post.

19. Startup A-List

By Rick Palmer

Martin Varsavsky & UKStartUp are among this list's influential members.

20. Developers

By Huffington Post

About 111 developers make up this list.

21. Media

By Matthew Ingram

A list created by a senior writer at Gigaom must be good, right?

22. Tech Room

By Dylan Dawson

This list has tons of people from the tech world -- from CEOs like Tim Cook to writers for The Huffington Post.

23. Startup Founders

By TNW Apps

From Zee to Dave Winer, this list has more than 85 influential people in technology.

24. Most Influential in Tech

By Robert Scoble

According to the Scobleizer, these are the people who make stuff happen in the tech world.

25. Tech Company Founders

By Robert Scoble

This list features entrepreneurs who have started tech companies.

26. Mentors

By 500 Startups

Definitely a list I look to for mentoring. :)

27. Founders

By 500 Startups

Another list of powerful startup founders.

28. Startups NYC

By Mashable

Tweets from startups, entrepreneurs & investors in New York City.

Venture Capital Twitter Lists

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29. VC A-List


By Rick Palmer

People on this list have invested in companies like Twitter & AirBnb.

30. VCs and Analysts

By Christine Perkett

This robust list includes members like Chris Dixon.

31. VC Leaders and Companies

By Bloomberg TV

Some of the best venture capitalists & angel investors in the world.

32. Startup Fundraising

By Michael Xander

Startup accelerators & some of the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

33. VC London

By Nuno Job

Are you based in London? If so, check this out!

Journalists/News Twitter Lists

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34. Fortune Folks


By Fortune

This list contains Fortune writers, editors, and contributors.

35. Tech News People

By Robert Scoble

A HUGE list! More than 600 tech journalists ready for you to follow.

36. Mashable Staff

By Mashable

Who are the people behind Mashable? Follow their tweets here.

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37. BI Editors & Reporters

By Business Insider

List brings together Business Insider's news team in one convenient location.

38. Bloomberg Journalists

By Bloomberg

Follow the badass reporters at Bloomberg.

39. tech-bloggers-reporters

By Atul Arora

The best tech journalists around, including Lance Ulanoff & Robin Wauters.

40. Business Day

By NYT Business

Follow journalists from The New York Times business desk.

41. HuffPosters

By Huffington Post

Members of this list are journalists at The Huffington Post.

42. TDB/NWK Staffers

By The Daily Beast

Staffers at Newsweek & The Daily Beast.

43. Journalism

By Jill Falk

Here's a list of websites & people journalism students should know.

44. SXSW Reporters

by Sunshine Sach

This list has more than 250 reporters who have tweeted about South By Southwest. You'll find journalists from TNW, Mashable, Gigaom & many other publications.

45. Leading Edge Sources

By Denis P van Chestein

About 60 news organizations -- including Fast Company, Time, The Next Web & Business Insider.

46. News

By Dylan Lee

If business news from companies like the Wall Street Journal & Financial Times is what you fancy, this is the list for you.

Women Twitter Lists

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47. BlogHer '13 Attendees


By BlogHer

This list by BlogHer features nearly 1,000 people who attended BlogHer's 2013 annual conference.

48. Women to follow

By Anandi A. Premlall

This is a HUGE list -- with nearly 600 amazing women from all over the world.

49. tech-women2follow

By Anita Borg Institute

This list showcases about 490 influential women in tech.



50. Tech Moms

By ProtectCELL

The name says it all: mom who are into tech. Awesome!

51. moms

By Spherical

Not sure how long it took to compile this list, but it has about 992 members.

52. Top Women in Content

By Joe Chernov

Don't let size of this list fool you, it has some of the top women in content marketing -- including the amazing Ann Smarty & Diana Urban.

53. Social Media Divas

By Lee Odden

Lees has compiled influential women from the worlds of social media world, PR, marketing, advertising & nonprofits.

Business Twitter Lists

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54. Tech Companies


By Robert Scoble

Here Scobleizer lists tech companies -- big & small.

55. Most Innovative Companies

By Fast Company

This list includes BuzzFeed, Samsung & many more.

56. Brands

By Aaron Lee

I've added more than 200 companies to this list.

Advertising & Marketing Twitter Lists

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57. Advertising and Marketing


By Gina Marie

HubSpot & Sean Garner are just a couple of the advertising & marketing pros listed here.

58. Most Creative People 2013

By Fast Company

These were 100 of the most creative people in business in 2013.

59. Business Finance

By Little Bird

Experts in business finance who are followed by other finance pros.

60. Media Outlets

By Jennifer Magas

This list has business-related news from ABC News, The Daily Beast & Forbes.

Tools Twitter Lists

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61. Weapons for Entrepreneurs


by Robert Scoble

Follow this list for tools & services to help you run your company.

62. socialtools

By Ian Anderson Gray

Post Planner is listed here among more than 30 other social media tools.

Sports Twitter Lists

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63. NFL


By Attique Iqbal

A lengthy list of Twitter accounts from the National Football League.

64. MLB

By J. De La Rosa

Prefer baseball? Then follow this list of major league teams.

65. NHL

By J. De La Rosa

Twitter accounts from the National Hockey League.

66. NBA Teams

By Chicago Bulls.

Compiled for fans by a National Basketball Association team.

Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion Twitter Lists

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67. Fashion & Style


By Sable Talley

This list features companies & bloggers in the fashion industry.

68. Bloggers INT

By Bloggermedia

Spice up your twitter stream by following international bloggers such as Perez Hilton & Chiara Ferragni.

69. Blogger

By DeaTerra Italia

These bloggers write about beauty, fashion & wellness.

70. Fashion-Beauty

By Stefany Jovel

Fashion bloggers & magazines.

71. fashion/brand/mag/beauty

By NNNonnnn

Hundreds of fashion aficionados.


Annika Tibando

Follow some of the top fashion blogs including Refinery29.

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73. Elle Staff

By Elle

Tweets from Elle staffers.

74. Fashion/Style/Lifestyle

By RPRAI World

Find the loveliness of all fashion & style, designers, stores, & make-up in this huge twitter list.

75. Style Source


The team at Uniqlo turns to this list for their fashion inspiration.

76. Fashion

By Agora Index

News about fashion trends & style news.

Health & Fitness Twitter Lists

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77. Fitness People


By Fred Smith

More than 300 people from the fitness industry. Scrolling through these tweets makes me want to workout.

78. Fitness

By Soy_Imparable

Need some motivation to get you to the gym? Follow this list!

79. Exercise

By D Mitch

Those listed here tweet about their workouts & fitness results.

80. fitness

By Carlos Newsome

As the name suggests, this list is for all fitness & health buffs.

81. fitness!!

By Giovan Clark

This description sums it up for me: "people that like to get in at the gym!!"

82. Fitness & Bodybuilding

By Andrew Christiansen

From bodybuilders to health & fitness magazines.

Food Twitter Lists

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83. brainfood


By Jodi Ettenberg

Want to eat while enjoying the science & technology behind the food? Perhaps this list is for you.

84. Food Bloggers

By Alejandra Ramos

Something good must be cooking here since this has hundreds of members & subscribers.

85. Gluten-free

By Jodi Ettenberg

Need some gluten-free recipes? Here's a tasty list.

86. Foodie Tweets

By Caroline Blakey

Members of this list tweet about food.

87. food

By Jodi Ettenberg

Follow recipes, restaurant reviews & fun tweets from foodies on Twitter users.

88. Food

By Sarah Renfer

Yotam Ottolenghi is one of the foodies tweeting here.

89. Good food

By Pickleback

Restaurants & chefs like Jamie Oliver belong to this list.

Travel Twitter Lists

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90. travel


By Jodi Ettenberg

Here you'll find tweets about travel, travel writers & other travel-related resources.

91. Travel

By Bvsiness

Organizations & travel bloggers like HuffPost Travel & Scott Mayerowitz.

92. Travel

By Krista Rossow

Follow Twitter travelers like Ritz Carlton & JD Andrews.

93. Travel Blogs/Magazines

By Traceable Travels

Packed with some of the best travel bloggers around.

94. Travel Bloggers

By Iain Manley

Tweeters who write about travel.

95. Travel Bloggers/Writers

By Wild Navigator

Some of the world's best travel bloggers & writers.

96. Travel + Food

By Amber Stephens

Tweets about travel & food. What could be better?

Bonus: a handful of my RANDOM favorites

97. verified accounts

By Verified Accounts

Follow nearly 500 verified Twitter accounts here.

98. World Leaders

By Verified Accounts

Follow tweets from these world leaders.

99. Stuff of Interest

By SighPad Mohamad

Not into politics? Check out some of these random facts.

100. olympians

By Verified Accounts

Twitters accounts for about 100 Olympians are listed here.

101. entertainment

By Verified Accounts

Donald Trump, Khloe Kardashian & other people in the entertainment industry.

Did I Miss Anything?

I hope you found some awesome Twitter lists to follow here!

Now please make sure to share this post with your peeps -- so they can follow these awesome lists too.

You can tweet this list now by clicking Click to Tweet:

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Now what about you? Do you have your own set of Twitter lists?

Please share it with us in the comments below.

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