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3 Awesome Facebook Hacks You Can Use TODAY

3 Awesome Facebook Hacks You Can Use TODAY

3_Awesome_Facebook_Hacks_You_Can_Use_TODAY-lsawesome facebook hacksBe honest -- you use Facebook way more than you should, right?

You probably spend more time on Facebook than with your kids or spouse. I know I do. I use Facebook at least 10 hours a day -- sometimes more.

Sometimes I love it, but other times I just want to delete my Facebook account & move to an island with no electricity!

Well, if you ARE getting sick of the same old Facebook everyday, here are 3 awesome Facebook hacks that might make it a more pleasant experience.

From posting gifs to recovering embarrassing deleted posts from friends, these tricks will make you the life of the party -- if executed correctly.

3 Awesome Facebook Hacks You Can Use TODAY

1. Recover a Friend's Deleted Post

Have you ever seen a friend or business post something really stupid but before you could snap a screenshot the status update was gone?

Status Snapper is here to help!

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The Chrome extension lets you take a quick screenshot of a status update then automatically blurs out the names!

Once you download the tool, visit the Facebook news feed & click this blue icon in your address bar:


You'll have some choices as to which status update you want to grab (make sure your screen zoom is set to 100% or it will look goofy like mine here):


Click the blue "Snap" buttons & you'll see something like this:


The names are blurred to protect the innocent :) (sorry Todd... sic' em Bears!)

Click "Finish" and another tab opens allowing you to download the image:


You can now publish the image on Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook or wherever else you want to shame this friend or business! :)

2. Post Gifs on Facebook

Gifs make the Internet fun!

But you couldn't post them on Facebook the way you could on Google+... until now.

GIPHY has tons of animated gifs that you can easily post on Facebook.

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It's easy!

Visit the website & surf around to find a gif you want to share. Click embed to embed the gif on a blog, or copy the link to post on Facebook:


On Facebook, the link looks like a video & begins when someone clicks play:


Use GIPHY to also upload your own gif videos. Click "Upload" on Giphy & the Facebook "Continue" button.


OK the Facebook prompts then enter or upload a gif:


I created this gif to showcase Post Planner's Status Ideas engine:

You can even view my training gif on GIPHY. What a cool way to share gifs on Facebook for fun or business!

3. Facebook Shortcuts

If you're like me, most of the time you're on a computer when using Facebook.

Did you know there are lots of shortcuts that can make life so much easier?

Use these keystrokes:

  • Windows & Chrome/IE -- Alt
  • Windows & Firefox -- Alt + Shift
  • OS X & Firefox -- Function + Ctrl
  • OS X & All Other Browsers -- Option + Ctrl

With these characters:

  • M -- Open new chat message
  • 1 -- Return to Facebook home (news feed)
  • 2 -- Open your profile
  • 3 -- Go to friend requests
  • 4 -- Open new message & inbox
  • 5 -- See notifications
  • 6 -- Open account settings
  • 7 -- Open activity log
  • 8 -- Visit Facebook main page
  • 9 -- View Facebook terms & policies
  • 0 -- Visit Facebook help desk

>> Click to Tweet <<

This graphic will make it easy for you to share & pin these tips:


Your Favorite Facebook Hacks

There are probably lots of other hacks I could mention here -- but I would NEVER recommend something that violates Facebook's terms of service!

Have you used any of the hacks mentioned here?

What other hacks have you found make life easier on Facebook?

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