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4 Easy to Follow Tips to Help You Crush it on Facebook

Posted 18 February, 2013

4_Easy_to_Follow_Tips_to_Help_You_Crush_it_on_FacebookCrush it on Facebook

Here's another Fan Page Review for a page submitted by one of our awesome Post Planner fans.

This week we will take a look at the page by Ashley McFarland Graphic Design.

My goal here is obviously to help out Ashley -- but also to give you some tips you can apply to your own page.

I unearth a few things on her page that many of you -- especially those in social media or graphic design -- will find useful.

Here's the video review:

4 Tips You Can Follow to Crush It!


1. Make sure your cover photo brands YOUR business, and not someone or something else.


While a catchy or whimsical cover photo for your personal profile may be fine, for a business page it needs to be all about branding your biz. Use this space wisely and make sure to follow the cover photo guidelines from Facebook.

2. Put more information in your About Section.


Be sure to add a full description of your business with keywords in mind. Don't keyword stuff it, but be mindful of what services you offer and what potential customers are searching for.

3. Install Some Apps on Your Page.


Apps on Facebook pages are a great way to show off your work, gather leads and further connect with your fans. I don't recommend leaving the "Likes" app where your fans can see it. It doesn't offer much value to them and can actually divert attention away from what you're trying to do on your page.

Also, the app thumbnails Facebook gives us are a great place to display calls to action.

4. Post on a Regular Basis.

I mentioned in a previous post about how you could spend just 5 minutes per day and become a Facebook Admin ROCKSTAR. I suggest you take a look at that post ASAP.

There I advise that you need to post at least once a day on your page -- and you need to spread out the posts. Sporadically posting every 4-5 days or longer will hurt your page's Edgerank.

I hope these tips and this review help you improve your page.

Now go out there and CRUSH it on Facebook!

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