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16 Awesome Facebook Marketing Infographics to ROCK Your World

16 Awesome Facebook Marketing Infographics to ROCK Your World

16_Awesome_Facebook_Marketing_Infographics_to_ROCK_Your_World-lsawesome-facebook-marketing-infographics-sqInfographics are all the rage these days.

People just get bored reading text only.

They need pictures!

They want info delivered visually!

That's why infographics are so popular.

And it's why I've spent the last couple days searching the internets far & wide to find the 16 most awesome Facebook marketing infographics ever.

These will show you just how effectively infographics can be used to present stories & info to your audience.

But before you hit the main gallery, check out this first one...

An infographic about why we love infographics



16 Awesome Facebook Marketing Infographics

There is no shortage of infographics about marketing on Facebook.

But in my opinion, these 16 are the most awesome Facebook marketing infographics on the web.

Hopefully you'll pick up a few social media tips as you view each of these beauties.

(and please tell me which is your favorite in the comments below)

Facebook Trends for Business in 2014

by ShortStack



Facebook Image Dimensions

by Jon Loomer



Word Science

by Short Stack



How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

by Post Planner



Driving Traffic with Facebook

by Post Planner



Achieving Success

by Vocus



Privacy & Security on Facebook

by Best Computer Science Schools


Introducing The Facebook Hashtag

by Prestige Marketing



Does Your Facebook Page Need an Operation

by ShortStack



How to Get More Likes on Facebook

by KissMetrics



5 Types of Social Media Complainers

by ExactTarget



The Landscape of Social Sharing

by Gigya

social sharing declines on facebook


13 Amazing Facebook Stats

by MindJumpers



7 Types of Social Media Fans

by ReachLocal



10 Commandments of a Facebook Admin

by ShortStack



The Facebook Decade

by Mashable


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