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9 Best Instagram Scheduling Tools (Reviewed)

Posted 02 July, 2024

Using an Instagram scheduler is the best way to post content like a PRO. These tools can help you:

  • Find content quickly
  • Schedule your content with just a few clicks
  • Create content with ease
  • Recycle your best content to maximize engagement
  • Get more followers and Likes quickly.

Looking for the best Instagram scheduler?

I tested out the 9 best Instagram posting apps and created these reviews to help you decide which is best for you based on your needs.

Feel free to skip ahead:

Best overall Instagram scheduler: Post Planner


The best Instagram scheduler for most people is Post Planner.

It provides all the essential features you need without breaking the bank (seriously, it's the most affordable Instagram scheduler on the market).

It does so by hyper-focusing on social media planning and scheduling instead of trying to be an all-in-one tool.

If you’re curious about what Post Planner can offer your business, sign up for the 7-day free trial and follow along as we examine this easy-to-use tool.

Here's a demo video that shows you just how simple it is to use (the video will open in a new tab):

Post Planner demo video




Some of the biggest pros of using Post Planner are:

  • Extreme time savings in finding and scheduling content
  • Low cost for smaller businesses
  • Advanced content discovery tools
  • Easy scheduling
  • Content creation tools
  • Bulk post scheduling
  • Great free plan to manage one social channel


  • Lacks detailed analytics
  • No social listening features
  • Lacks features to interact with comments and DMs directly from Post Planner

Key features

  • Content queue plans: Queue content to automatically post to your Instagram (or other social media channels) at the appropriate time.

Key features Post Planner

  • Content streams: Find proven content from around the web specifically tailored to your niche.


  • Content buckets: Take total control of what content can be posted each day and at what time.
  • Bulk posting: Schedule multiple posts to multiple social media accounts simultaneously, easily scheduling 10+ posts in a matter of minutes.


  • AI content generator: Post Planner’s AI tool allows you to create great text posts and captions quickly. It can also take images and generate captions tailored to them in moments.


  • Content suggestions: If you aren’t sure what to post, Post Planner can give you great suggestions for questions to ask your followers, quotes, or other great content that generates engagement.




Post Planner allows you to manage one of your social media channels for FREE!

However, there are pricing plans for businesses of all sizes.

  • Managing 3 social accounts is $7/month
  • 10 accounts is only $27/month
  • Large companies can manage 25 accounts for only $47/month

Post Planner

Post Planner is one of the most reasonably priced tools on the market —especially considering the amount of functionality you get for the price.

Customer reviews

What do Post Planner users have to say about the tool?

Here’s what Loreen S., who left a 5-star review, had to say about Post Planner:

“What do you like best about Post Planner?

I've been using Post Planner for a little over two years. I'm currently managing 16 profiles, but I've managed up to 23. I find Post Planner easy to use for posting curated content - it's built right into the system! Original content is just as easy as posting to the platform itself. I can upload and post articles, images, or videos, add hashtags and links, and see the posts before they are sent out. The support when I have an issue is amazing. Within 48 hours I get a response with instructions on how to fix my issue. Finally, Post Planner was easy to implement into my workflow, and being online and mobile lets me post from anywhere. I use it daily so It's one of the tabs that open when my browser launches!

What do you dislike about Post Planner?

It's a really tiny thing - but if I'm posting to Facebook and Instagram - or anyplace and Instagram, I have to remember to make sure the image is square for Instagram requirements. Which is easy when I'm posting original content. But when I'm using the streams to post curated content - I forget and my posts won't go thru to Instagram. So I'll download the artcile image and crop it and then repost it.

What problems is Post Planner solving and how is that benefiting you?

It's only one place I have to go to post for multiple clients into multiple social accounts. AND it's the only social posting tool that allows for content curation within the tool.”

Best for analytics: SocialPilot

For users who are heavily interested in the analytics side of things, SocialPilot could be a great option.

SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media management app that's made for social media marketing agencies.

In addition to scheduling posts to Instagram, you can use SocialPilot to schedule to all the most important social media platforms, like X, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google Business.

Plus, you get unique white-label features to manage, collaborate, and share analytics with clients.

If you manage a lot of social media accounts, SocialPilot's pricing is reasonable. However, if you manage only a few accounts, there are more affordable options (like Post Planner).


  • High-quality and detailed analytics features
  • Respond to messages directly from Social Pilot
  • Broad variety of tools and features
  • Team collaboration features

Social Pilot UI


  • The cost is higher than some alternatives
  • Lack of social listening features.
  • Weak content curation
  • No free plan

Key features

  • Social media calendar: Organize and filter your posts from a multi-view calendar.

Key features

  • AI content assistant: Generate ideas and captions, and optimize content for each platform.
  • Team management: Onboard your team, assign permissions, and collaborate on posts.
  • Advanced reports: Customize and automate reports that show data by platform and post.
  • Browser extension: Quickly schedule posts from your browser in a few clicks.
  • Bulk scheduling: Create and schedule up to 500 posts at once.
    Content library: Save your content to be reused in the future or curate content from around the web.

Content curation

  • Client management - Onboard clients and create approval workflows.
  • Client post approval - Clients can approve posts from any device.
  • Integrations - Slack, Unsplash, Google Drive, Giphy, Dropbox, Zapier, Sniply, Rebrandly, Bitly, Feedly, Canva, and Box.
  • Analytics: Detailed analytics show you exactly where your posts are succeeding or suffering, allowing you to strategize as needed


SocialPilot comes in at a more expensive price tag than Post Planner but will still be in the price range of most businesses.

  • $25.50/month for 10 accounts
  • $42.50/month for 20 accounts
  • $85/month for 30 accounts
  • $170/month for 50 accounts


For more details, check out SocialPilot’s pricing page.

Customer reviews

SocialPilot regularly gets 4-5 star ratings from its users. Here’s what Kaitlyn K. had to say about Social Pilot:

“What do you like best about SocialPilot?

SocialPilot was the 3rd platform I tried and I'm so relieved to say I have no plans of leaving any time soon. Where other sites have fallen short, SocialPilot continues to rise above the rest with its ease of use and many features. Each platform can be customizable, scheduling is easy (and not limited to 28 days like *some* apps) The customer service has been incredible. While I've only had to reach out a couple of times, they were quick to respond and resolve issues. I also appreciate that it's easy and affordable to build my package as my clientelle grows.

What do you dislike about SocialPilot?

It would be incredible if there was an option to schedule posts at peek times based on user engagement, or to schedule out individual platforms at seperate times without having to create multiple posts.

What problems is SocialPilot solving and how is that benefiting you?

Scheduling made easy, especially with bulk scheduling. Easy calendar overview, posting multiple brands but being able to separate individual brands as needed.

Option to have clients approve content without having to reach out to them individually each time.”

Good for scaling agencies: Planable

Planable is another excellent Instagram scheduling tool that's a great fit for growing agencies managing multiple clients or business locations.

They offer content collaboration features that allow you to communicate with your team internally to manage your social posts.

My personal favorite feature—and it's also a common theme throughout Planable's user experience—is its ability to generate AI captions in one click based on an image.

I'd say that they have one of the better user experiences of all the available Instagram scheduling tools because you can access any feature in 1-2 clicks.

They also offer features to plan your blog posts and newsletters in the same place as your social posts, although I think most companies won't use those features because they'll already have software for those use cases.

One thing I'd note that it's lacking is a feature for curating content. They do offer GIFs, but I couldn't find any other form of media that comes with the platform.


  • Designed for ease of use
  • Customer support regularly gets high ratings
  • Collaboration features that facilitate working with your team
  • Scaled pricing means businesses can tailor the price to their needs
  • AI features help write and edit posts faster


  • No stock images or videos to use to create content
  • The price may exceed what some businesses are able to pay due to the scaled pricing model
  • It lacks automated scheduling features, meaning users have to schedule each post manually

Key features

  • Create: Create, edit, and auto-generate content in one place.
  • Plan: Plan social media posts, blogs, and newsletters from a content calendar.
  • Collaborate: Invite collaborators with different permissions so you can manage feedback and ideas across your team.

Key features

  • Organize: Create separate workspaces for different brands and clients.
  • Publish: Schedule posts to X, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Business, Pinterest, and TikTok.
  • Universal Content: Manage ads, blogs, and newsletters with your social posts.
  • Monitor analytics: Keep track of all your significant KPIs like engagement, followers, and more with Planable’s analytics features.
  • Multi-location features: Develop multiple workspaces to control various business locations simultaneously.


Planable offers four main pricing plans that scale based on the number of workspaces and users you need.

  • Free: Create and schedule 50 total posts
  • Basic: $11/user/month paid annually
  • Pro: $22/user/month paid annually
  • Custom: Contact Planable for custom pricing
  • Additional workspaces are available for $17/month


For more details, I recommend checking out Planable's pricing page.

Customer reviews

Planable gets mostly 4 and 5 star reviews. Let’s take a look at what Patricia L. has to say about using Planable:

"What do you like best about Planable?

Planable has saved me and my team a lot of time collaborating with account owners rather than going back and forth via email. It saves us a great deal of stress when it comes to calendaring, planning, and scheduling posts rather than going into each social media account to schedule it.

If you're a social media manager, an individual, an agency, or a business owner, Planable is your go-to platform. I've tried all the other platforms, and Planable is the only tool that works for me and my team. I highly recommend it!

What do you dislike about Planable?

I wish Planable had an insights or analytics feature to save me a great deal in generating reporting for my clients. Other than that, Planable still serves all our social media management needs.

What problems is Planable solving and how is that benefiting you?

Planable eliminates the worry of tracking the scheduled post, whether it has been posted or the client wishes to have a revision that my team misses on the email. Planable allows our clients to be guests in the workspace to provide feedback and see our social media management plan for their accounts in real time! It makes collaboration with the client and team so much easier! A great deal for the heaps of things it takes off our worries. Planable is the best!"

Best for integrations: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another popular Instagram scheduler that many people use for its various features and integrations.

This tool is designed to help its customers save time by scheduling their posts in advance and giving them content ideas to keep their audience engaged.

If you love integrations, Hootsuite is probably for you. It has integrations with more than 150 apps that can help you save even more time on your workflow.

Let’s look deeper at Hootsuite and who might benefit most from it!


  • Easy to learn how to use–even for beginners
  • Post recommendations
  • There are many integrations with other apps (many of which you may already be using) that work in conjunction with Hootsuite, effectively boosting its power.
  • High-quality analytics
  • Social listening features



  • High cost for smaller businesses
  • Lacking a content discovery tool (offers a “Content ideas” tool instead)
  • Only offers a 30-day free trial instead of a full free plan like Post Planner


Key features

  • Content inspiration - Hootsuite gives you templates and ideas around which you can base your content
  • Content planning - Plan your future content calendar and schedule content to automatically post to your social media channels at the right time
  • Content streams - Take a look at all your planned social posts as well as your recently posted content for a higher-level view of your content plan

Key features

  • Analytics - Analyze your most important metrics to see how your content is performing
  • Inbox management - Respond to messages directly from Hootsuite’s platform
  • AI content creation: Use AI tools to generate content and captions for your Instagram posts.
  • Social listening: Learn what is being said about your business online through keyword monitoring.
  • Employee advocacy tools
  • Social advertising management


As mentioned in the cons section, Hootsuite is expensive — especially if you run a smaller business.

  • The professional plan (the smallest plan) starts at $99/month and allows you to manage 10 accounts
  • The team plan starts at $249/month and allows you to manage 20 accounts
  • The business plan starts at $739/month and supports 35 accounts
  • Enterprise-level clients can reach out to Hootsuite for more information about pricing.


Check out Hootsuite’s pricing page for more details.

Customer reviews

What do real Hootsuite users have to say about using the tool?

Cristina P. left Hootsuite a 5-star review and said the following:

“What do you like best about Hootsuite?

It is so easy to use -- and even for a journalist like me -- having help on what is best for the different types of social media to grab attention is amazing! I love that I can calendar out my posts, I can re-hash my best posts, and the calendar even suggests a theme for the day. I didn't think I would care for AI but it's really wonderful for this kind of work when we are marketing our programs and admittedly my brain tends to say the same thing over and over. It's also wonderful to have a one stop shop on how to access analytics, plan and review how posts went!

What do you dislike about Hootsuite?

I have had trouble connecting with our instagram but it's not your fault - the issue is with a previous admin for that account and so I have had trouble connecting.

What problems is Hootsuite solving and how is that benefiting you?

It consolidates all my marketing and team communication through social media.

It helps me come up with fresh ideas and not to be too wordy that I lose interest from our followers. I have recommended hootsuite to many of my collegues.”

Good choice for all-in-one social media management: Agorapulse

Agorapulse isn’t just a social media scheduler–it’s an all-in-one social media management tool. It comes with advanced features that other social media schedulers don't usually have.

In addition to being able to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Business — you get tools to manage your inboxes and track brand mentions.

Agorapulse offers a 30-day free trial but doesn’t offer a free plan.

Because of its advanced features, its pricing is less affordable for small businesses. But it's still reasonably priced for what you get compared to other alternatives with similar features.

I also did find the user experience to be pretty easy to navigate, given the number of advanced features Agorapulse has.

Let’s discuss Agorapulse and see if it’s the right tool for you.


  • Respond to comments directly from Agorapulse
  • Advanced analytics features
  • A free 30-day trial is available
  • High-quality social listening features
  • AI writing tools


No long-term free plan

High cost compared to other excellent options like Post Planner

Some of the best features (like the Content Library) are only offered in the higher-priced plans

No tools to aid in content discovery

Key features

  • Publishing - Team collaboration and other features to help you publish better posts faster
  • Inbox management - Reply to comments and DMs without leaving Agorapulse.
  • Schedule posts - Automate your future content plan with content scheduling features
  • Reporting and analytics - Generate reports that help you determine what aspects of your social strategy work and which aspects need to change
  • ROI tracking: Monitor the tangible effects your social media efforts are having on your business’s income using integrations with GA4.

Key features

  • Social listening: Get insights into what people are saying about your brand online.
  • AI writing assistant: Use AI to enhance your written content.
  • Employee advocacy: Communicate with your brand advocates when you post on Instagram and give them suggested copy to engage with your post.










Agorapulse has 4 main pricing plans:

  • Standard - $49/month billed annually
  • Professional - $79/month billed annually
  • Advanced - $119/month billed annually
  • Custom - Contact Agorapulse for pricing


Each of the three pricing plans with listed prices covers 10 social profiles and offers additional social profiles for $10/month/profile.

I recommend checking out Agorapulse's pricing page for more details.

Customer reviews

As with the other tools we’ve mentioned, customers consistently rate Agorapulse 4-5 online.

Here's what Sandra H., who left a 4-star review, has to say about Agorapulse:

“What do you like best about Agorapulse?

Agorapulse is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for me to schedule posts, engage with our audience, and track performance across multiple platforms. The reporting features are also robust, providing valuable insights.

What do you dislike about Agorapulse?

The platform can be slow at times, especially when scheduling posts or uploading media.

What problems is Agorapulse solving and how is that benefiting you?

Allows me to schedule posts ahead of time while maintaining consistency on our social media platform.

Allows our team to see what content in our social strategy is driving traffic to our website.

Allows me to see all our platform's inboxes in one place, saving me time.”

Budget all-in-one social media management: Loomly

What if you want an all-in-one social media management tool with Instagram scheduling features but don’t want to pay as much as Agorapulse costs?

That’s where Loomly comes in.

Its user interface is a little old-school-looking. However, I found it pretty easy to navigate and its onboarding process easy to follow–especially for the number of features it offers.

Loomly is another all-in-one tool, but you can get started with it for significantly less than with Agorapulse. Let’s look at why this tool might be right for you.


  • Easy to use with a simple interface
  • Solid customer support
  • Inbox management features
  • Team collaboration tools help save time producing content
  • Daily post ideas to help you generate new content
  • Get all your social media work done in one place


  • Lackluster design and user interface
  • Lacks a large library of curated social media posts like Post Planner
  • There is no feature to automatically schedule recurring posts

Key features

  • Content calendars: Automate your posting schedule by adding content to a social media calendar, which Loomly will automatically post at the selected time.

Key features

  • Analytics: Easily track your previous posts’ performance and generate reports you can share with clients or use for internal purposes.
  • Community management: Respond to comments and messages directly from the Loomly dashboard.
  • Content creation: Instead of having a large library of curated content, Loomly has content development features that help users collaborate with their teams to develop better content and create their own content library over time.
  • Collaboration & approval workflows: Create approval workflows to manage content across your team and clients.
  • Campaign management: Keep your different content calendars and analytics segmented based on your brands and clients.
  • Integrations: Loomly allows you to schedule to X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. But it also supports integrations with Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Canva, Giphy, Google Drive, and Unsplash.


Loomly offers 4 pricing plans for different numbers of social media accounts.

  • Base: $32/month for 10 accounts
  • Standard: $60/month for 20 accounts
  • Advanced: $131/month for 35 accounts
  • Premium: $277/month paid for 50 accounts


All plans include unlimited post-scheduling, so you never have to worry about bumping against your limit.

I recommend checking out Loomly's pricing page for more details.

Customer reviews

Like the other tools in this article, Loomly gets extremely high ratings.

One of the most common pros users mention is the ease of use. Meanwhile, the older-looking UI is one of the (few) common complaints.

Here's what Amanda S. has to say about using Loomly:

"What do you like best about Loomly?

easy to use and the approval process for clients is amazing. Great product. Easy to use for both our business and the clients we assist with. Love the approval process with clients.

What do you dislike about Loomly?

A bit more "old school" platform in the design but overall love it.

What problems is Loomly solving and how is that benefiting you?
approval process for clients we service."

Best for social listening: Zoho Social

Zoho Social, unlike the other tools on this list, is positioned as a social listening tool. It's designed to help users understand what their customers say about their business so they can better react to it.

Zoho Social

However, Zoho also offers scheduling features that allow you to control exactly when your content will be published.

One of my favorite features about Zoho when it comes to scheduling Instagram posts is the SmartQ Slots, which help you schedule all your posts at the best time according to your followers’ trends.

Let’s take a deeper look!


  • More insight into your audience than the other tools on this list
  • Monitors keywords, hashtags, and reviews for your business
  • Social media manager and scheduler allow you to take the audience insights and turn them into tangible content improvement


  • Limited and somewhat poorly designed content curation tool


  • Not all Zoho’s plans offer access to all social media channels. For example, only the largest plan allows you to manage a YouTube account.
  • Only offers a 15-day free trial–no free plan.
  • Lack of integrations can be frustrating to some users.

Key features

  • Social listening and publishing: Monitor what’s being said about your business on the web and act based on real customer opinion.

Key features

  • Publishing: Create your content and schedule it from the same place.
  • SmartQ Slots: Recommended posting times according to Zoho’s audience monitoring.

Key features

  • Inbox management: Respond to your comments and DMs directly from Zoho.


Zoho has reasonable prices across 3 plans, making it another good option for new businesses.

  • Standard: $10/month for 1 brand across 9 social channels (no YouTube)
  • Professional: $30/month for 1 brand across 9 channels (no YouTube)
  • Premium: $40/month for 1 brand across 10 channels (includes YouTube)


I recommend checking out Zoho’s pricing page for more details.

Customer reviews

Zoho generally gets positive reviews, with the most frequent positive comments talking about its convenience and ease of use. On the negative side, some users have mentioned that Zoho doesn’t support all the channels they’re targeting, and the lack of integrations can be frustrating.

Here’s what Orlaith P. says about using Zoho:

“What do you like best about Zoho Social?

I've really enjoyed using Zoho Social - I've mainly taken advantage of the scheduling function which has made my life so much easier to plan my content.

I've also loved the mention features where you can see who is talking about your brand (good and bad!) and gives you an opportunity to respond in a timely manner.

What do you dislike about Zoho Social?

I've not really had any downsides to Zoho so far!

What problems is Zoho Social solving and how is that benefiting you?

I am able to plan and schedule content in advance whereas before I was trying to time my posting across multiple platforms. Zoho makes it easy!”

Best for content creation: Later

Social media is about getting the right content in front of your audience. Sometimes, you can’t find the right content — you must make it yourself.

Regarding content creation, Later stands out. While still offering powerful scheduling tools, it also gives you great tools to find, create, and edit new content for your followers.

Unlike other similar tools on this list, Later is focused on CREATING content instead of CURATING it. For many users, that will be a massive disappointment. For others, it will be exactly what you want. We recommend trying as many trials and demos as possible to see exactly what works for you.


Excellent content creator tools.


  • Hashtag recommender tool
  • Incredibly easy-to-use content scheduler (drag and drop functionality)
  • Relatively low price


  • Lower-priced plans offer limited access to some of their best tools
  • The number of posts you can schedule is limited
  • Content discovery tools are limited compared to those of other tools like Post Planner

Key features

  • Auto publishing - Later analyzes your audience and lets you know the best time to post.
  • Hashtag suggestions - Quickly identify high-yield hashtags using Later’s suggestions
  • Visual Planner - Visually examine your future Instagram schedule to get a feel for how your feed will look (allowing you to cultivate an aesthetic).

Key features

  • Linkin.bio - The linkin.bio tool turns your Instagram page into a fully-customizable link, driving more people to your website.


  • Content creation: Later’s content tools consolidate the process of creating new content, allowing you to create content that will resonate with your audience.
  • AI content: Use Later’s AI assistance to speed up your process of creating Instagram captions that will resonate with your audience.




Later offers reasonable prices for different levels of social media planning.

  • Starter: 1 set of social media accounts with 30 posts per profile for $16.67/month (billed yearly)
  • Growth: 3 social sets with 150 posts per profile for $30/month (billed yearly)
  • Advanced: 6 sets with unlimited posts for $53.33/month (billed yearly)
  • Agency: 15 social sets with unlimited posts for $133.33/month (billed yearly)


For more details, check out Later’s pricing page.

Customer reviews

Later gets positive reviews from its users.

Many reviewers mention the convenience of scheduling content ahead of time, which increases their presence on Instagram.

Some negative comments refer to a lack of customer support, the cost-effectiveness of adding more social media accounts, and the lack of support for posting stories automatically.

Here’s what Jason B. had to say about Later:

“What do you like best about Later?

Scheduling content. We used to have to post to our church account daily, which doesn't sound bad, but logging in daily, uploading whatever we are posting, writing the post and hitting send, eats into the work day. But Later helps because we can take an hour and schedule a month or more posts. It's so good.

What do you dislike about Later?

It's a little clunky. If you don't know your way around things that are tech, I think it would be easy to get lost or confused on what goes where. It's not bad for mex but I've had others tell me they have a hard time.

What problems is Later solving and how is that benefiting you?
Instead of taking time every day to post stuff, now we schedule it super far out.

That may not seem like a big deal, but it's HUGE. And, we trained some volunteers to help which gave back some time to staff members to help counsel and be with people.”

Good for multi-location businesses: eclincher

eclincher was designed as a social media scheduling tool specifically for large, multi-location businesses.

I recommend AT LEASTtrying Eclincher's free trial if you're a business with multiple locations and are looking for more advanced features like inbox management, social listening, and business listing management.

After trying their Basic plan, I was more pleased with the user interface than some of the other reviewers that mentioned it was unaesthetic. If you don't need more advanced features, and you're just looking for a tool that helps with social media content and scheduling, I'd recommend other options because the amount of features won't be necessary.

I also found the limitations with the Basic plan to be limiting for the price tag. For example, the Basic plan doesn't have access to the media library and reporting which I think should be standard.

However, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a great tool. Let’s take a closer look to see if this is the tool for you.


  • Feature-rich with a variety of social media tools
  • Offers a local SEO tool (for additional cost)
  • Customer support consistently receives high rankings
  • Collaborative features are a massive pro for those working in larger teams
  • Advanced analytics to monitor engagement and other trends


  • Potential feature glut can be overwhelming and distracting
  • Outdated and clunky UI for some users
  • Lots of tools = high price
  • The entry-level plan lacks some of the better features (like AI, collaboration, and content curation)

Key features

  • Inbox management - Manage ALL your social media inboxes, comment sections, and other communication channels.
  • Automated posting - Schedule unlimited posts on your content calendar.

Key features

  • AI and automation: Use AI to create captions and text posts and automation features to speed up your workflow.
  • Analytics: Monitor the performance of your posts so you can improve future engagement.
  • Social listening: Track brand mentions, competitors, and industry trends.
  • Local SEO: Manage SEO with tools specifically designed to help you improve the success of your local business.
  • Listings management: Manage your online business listings by updating descriptions, hours of operation, and and contact information all from one place.


eclincher offers 3 main plans:

  • Basic - $65/month for 10 social profiles
  • Premier - $175/month for 20 profiles
  • Agency - $425/month for 40 profiles


I recommend checking our eclincher's pricing page for more details.

Customer reviews

eclincher mainly receives 5-star reviews.

Some of the frequent positive comments address the high-quality customer service and the broad range of features. More negative comments (there aren’t many) mention difficulty learning the tool and high pricing.

Here's what Eeva L. has to say about using eclincher:

"What do you like best about eclincher?

I've been using eClincher for a couple of years now, and they've been a vital part of my work. I use it every day. Just imagine how much time it will take to post to all social media sites using several business accounts. Not to mention my clients'.

But thanks to them, my business runs like clockwork. I just connect eClincher to all my social media account and add my content to a queue, and they'll be posted in the schedule I set.

The best part is the customer support. It's unrivaled, in my opinion. If I have a question, a complaint or if I simply want to whine about a feature they changed, I can reach someone in an instant. I highly recommend them, especially if you're a heavy social media marketer.

What do you dislike about eclincher?

I hope eClincher keeps things uncomplicated. Sometimes, more features doesn't always mean better. There are still ways to improve. It's not that easy to use if you're new to the site. There's a learning curve.

What problems is eclincher solving and how is that benefiting you?

eClincher gives me back my time and removes the drudgery of having to keep my social media accounts updated."

Frequently asked questions

Is there a scheduler for Instagram?

YES! Some tools allow you to schedule your Instagram in advance (and they’ll post automatically at the scheduled time!).

Refer to our list above to find the best tool for you.

Is there a free Instagram scheduler?

While some tools may help you schedule posts for free, we don’t recommend them for long-term use. You get what you pay for, and you’ll get better features by subscribing to a tool like Post Planner for $3/month.

How do I automate my IG posts?

Automate your Instagram posts by using an Instagram scheduler like those mentioned above. Use a tool that helps you find content and add it to a calendar to be posted automatically at the time of your choosing!

Ready to start scheduling Instagram posts?

Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance is one of the most potent ways to get more engagement, but choosing the right tool can be challenging!

If you start with the 9 tools listed above, we can almost guarantee that you’ll find something that works for you and your business to:

  • Improve engagement
  • Get more followers
  • Improve the quality of your content

What other strategies have you used to level up your Instagram game?

Let us know in the comments below!

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