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How to Apply a Human Approach to Your Social Media Marketing

Posted 23 July, 2015
How_to_Apply_a_Human_Approach_to_Your_Social_Media_Marketing_Featured the human approach to social media

How do you apply the human approach to marketing?

Is it even possible to do that today?

Here's a big problem with social media: Over 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared each day.

How can one person stand out?

The key is by applying 'the human approach,' and nobody understands that topic better than Bryan Kramer.

Bryan is the author of "Human to Human" (aka #h2h), where he describes a better way to approach marketing.

Here's a quote: "Communication shouldn’t be complicated. It should just be genuine and simple."

During his time with us on #ViralChat, it was easy to see Bryan's passion shine through.

Our audience LOVED it, pushing this edition of the chat to more than 2,800 tweets!

This post is a summary of our discussion. Why not invest a minute with us?

This is thought-provoking material and may lead you to change your entire approach to marketing via social media.

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How to Apply a Human Approach to Your Social Media Marketing

Q1. You coined the term #h2h or human-to-human. What's that all about?

It used to be that marketing was segmented into two categories: business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) ... The fact is that the lines are so far blurred between the two marketing segments, it’s hard to differentiate between the two. @bryankramer

  • Human-to-human is about building a connection, not just trying to make a sale. @Elite_VS


Q2. How can businesses be more human online?

Whether it’s trust, loyalty respect, even love, it’s the intangibles that people desire but can never buy... I’m a big believer in automating the right things, but one thing you will never be able to do is automate relationships. @bryankramer

  • Be human in your interactions and don't try to automate engagement. @johnlusher

Q3. Do you think businesses just don’t get human-to-human marketing?

In fact, everyone’s own brand is at stake in this new economy, where an individual’s brand is shaped by what we share... Brands don’t understand the value of the personal brand relationships and try to look at it holistically. @bryankramer

  • Automation in moderation. Find balance and allow yourself the freedom to get involved in the conversation. @rebekahradice


Q4. Are there certain types of content that make businesses more human?

Social and marketing need to work together to personalize individual conversations... Humans interact and feel more compelled to take action when we interact, engage, personalize and listen. @bryankramer

  • Content like behind-the-scenes and pets makes businesses more human. @askaaronlee

Q5. Why is sharing other people’s content important on social media?

These days, the problem isn’t getting the information: it’s getting the right information... If you share irrelevant or unhelpful content, it won’t resonate with your target audience. It’s that simple. @bryankramer

  • What conversations do you ever have where it's only you talking about you? We share, we relate, we help others. @lucyrk78

Q6. How can transparency give businesses the edge over their competitors?

The brands that are really nailing the concept of sharing are not doing it by giving away content in one-way transactions... Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, back in 2004, is based on creating a dialogue with real women about their ideas of beauty. @bryankramer

  • Content that strikes an emotional cord or SOLVES a problem is recognized and shared. No feeling = no reaction. @LaurieMeisel

make business more human! #ViralChat

How to Apply a Human Approach to Your Social Media Marketing - Conclusion

"As humans, we crave authenticity, even flawed authenticity," said @ahnahendrix during #ViralChat.

We want brands to respond, we want them to show that they care about us as a customer. Companies must put the human touch to work. It's no longer an option. The line has been drawn.

I found this #ViralChat exceptionally inspiring. How about you? Comments are open!

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