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Is Your Facebook Page Better than Average? Here's the Data You Need to Find Out

Is Your Facebook Page Better than Average? Here's the Data You Need to Find Out

Is_Your_Facebook_Page_Better_than_Average_Heres_the_Data_You_Need_to_Find_Out-lsfacebook data on page performanceTo stay ahead of the competition, you have to pay attention to stats!

And Facebook makes it easy by providing Insights for your page.

One way to know if your page is doing well is to compare your results to similar-sized pages in your industry.

Quintly studied the key Facebook data points & created this infographic to show engagement metrics based on the size of a page.

From these numbers, page managers can identify where they've improved & where they're falling behind.

I think you'll dig some of these juicy Facebook stats!

Is Your Facebook Page Better than Average?

Average Number of Fans (Likes)

facebook-statsDo you have more Likes than the average Facebook page your size?

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  • 1-1k Fans: 361
  • 1k-10k Fans: 4,022
  • 10k-100k Fans: 38,212
  • 100k-1m Fans: 360,793
  • 1m-10m Fans: 3,121,474
  • 10m+ Fans: 24,511,752

Unfortunately, 1k to 10k is a pretty broad range. And so is 10k to 100k.

How Evenly Spread are Your Likes, Comments & Shares?

This next stat looks at the type of engagement.

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  • 1-1k Fans: 100% Likes (zero comments & shares)
  • 1k-10k Fans: 82% Likes, 9% Comments, 9% Shares
  • 10k-100k Fans: 80% Likes, 7% Comments, 13% Shares
  • 100k-1m Fans: 82% Likes, 5% Comments, 13% Shares
  • 1m-10m Fans: 85% Likes, 4% Comments, 11% Shares
  • 10m+ Fans: 90% Likes, 2% Comments, 8% Shares

These figures show that we shouldn't get upset when Likes on our posts largely outnumber comments & shares!

It also appears that the larger a page gets, the fewer comments & shares the page owner should expect.

This is probably because fans don't feel as personally connected to large pages. Coke, for example, has a hard time connecting with the 89 million people who Like the page!

Level of Interaction

facebook-statsThese Facebook stats are alarming!

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We all think all our fans care about our page & want to interact with our posts.

Not true!

  • 1-1k Fans: 1.18% (down from 1.43% in 2013)
  • 1k-10k Fans: .52% (equal to 2013)
  • 10k-100k Fans: .31% (equal to 2013)
  • 100k-1m Fans: .17% (up from .15% in 2013)
  • 1m-10m Fans: .15% (up from .12% in 2013)
  • 10m+ Fans: .11% (up from .08% in 2013)

Pretty discouraging, eh?

The good news is that if your page is getting more interaction -- you're kicking ass!

Interactions per Post

These numbers were also shocking.

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  • 1-1k Fans: 4
  • 1k-10k Fans: 22
  • 10k-100k Fans: 118
  • 100k-1m Fans: 610
  • 1m-10m Fans: 4,646
  • 10m+ Fans: 25,808

How does your page compare?

People Talking About This

Many people question the value of the People Talking About This metric -- commonly known as PTAT.

  • 1-1k Fans: 9
  • 1k-10k Fans: 124
  • 10k-100k Fans: 1,934
  • 100k-1m Fans: 12,604
  • 1m-10m Fans: 96,715
  • 10m+ Fans: 440,649

Number of Posts Per Month

facebook-statsPeople will probably always debate about how often a page should post.

Here's a few of the average monthly figures:

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  • 1-1k Fans: 8
  • 1k-10k Fans: 24
  • 10k-100k Fans: 52
  • 100k-1m Fans: 107
  • 1m-10m Fans: 137
  • 10m+ Fans: 67

Smaller pages only post 8 times a month -- huh?!

That's 2 posts a week!

You'll never be successful posting such a small amount of content.

Posts from Users

I don't think people post on pages as often as they used to.

Here are some stats from the infographic:

  • 1-1k Fans: 0
  • 1k-10k Fans: 2
  • 10k-100k Fans: 16
  • 100k-1m Fans: 74
  • 1m-10m Fans: 209
  • 10m+ Fans: 502

I'm even OK with a page not allowing users to post. I've thought about eliminating user posts from the Post Planner page to control the spam that we always have to remove.

                    12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Be Using            

Here's the full infographic so you can figure out how your page measures up:


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