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Do Your Facebook Posts Pass Guy Kawasaki's "Valuable Social Media" Test?

Posted 07 January, 2015

Do_Your_Facebook_Posts_Pass_Guy_Kawasakis_22Valuable_Social_Media22_Test-lsvaluable social mediaTo go viral on social media you have to get people to share your posts.

If hundreds (or thousands) of people regularly share your content, your traffic will eventually spike off the charts!

Guy Kawasaki is one of social media's most influential & prolific sharers. The one-time Apple evangelist is now chief evangelist at Canva.

And Guy spends all day sharing a wide variety of content with millions of fans & followers.

Getting Guy to share your content is one of the fastest ways to go viral on social media!

But what does Guy look for in the stuff he shares online?

I'm glad you asked!

Here's how to pass Guy's "Valuable Social Media" test!

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Do Your Facebook Posts Pass Guy Kawasaki's "Valuable Social Media" Test?

Guy explained 4 key content qualities in his new book "The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users", co-written with Peg Fitzpatrick.

Your content better have at least one of these 4 qualities if you want Guy to share your posts:

  1. Information -- What happened
  2. Analysis -- What it means now that it happened
  3. Assistance -- How I get it to happen
  4. Entertainment -- Eye candy & LOLs

Guy further explained these qualities in the short video below.

Brands should emulate the "NPR model", he says.

In other words, brands have to "earn the right to promote" by always providing value with their posts!

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People are OK with an occasional sales pitch or promotional post as long as the rest of the time you're sharing valuable stuff.

Here are some golden tips from Guy to get more people to share your content!

Schedule better content.
Reach more people.
Get more followers.

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