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How to Ignite Your Facebook Fans with Killer Content! (pro advice from #ViralChat)

Posted 13 May, 2015

How_to_Ignite_Your_Facebook_Fans_with_Killer_Content-ls1ignite your facebook fansShe is the reigning queen of Facebook engagement.

From visual marketing to content creation -- she can show YOU how to set your Facebook Page on fire!

That's why we invited Kim Garst to join us on the inaugural Twitter Chat -- #ViralChat from Post Planner.

Kim is the founder of Boom!Social, a best-selling author and #TheRealDeal.

Her advice is always spot on and perfectly aligned with the mission behind our new chat.

You see, everything we do at Post Planner is aimed at empowering YOU to get more business, make more money and have more fun!

That's what#ViralChat is all about.

So for our first outing, we decided to slay the giant: Facebook!

We wanted to know:

  • How can we make sure our content gets noticed and shared?
  • Are there better times and days for posting to Facebook?
  • How often should we post? Is it possible to post too much?

I bet you've asked those same questions. I know our followers sure did!

Below is a summary of the conversation and an Infographic you'll want to pin, print and SHARE!

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How to Ignite Your Facebook Fans with Killer Content! (pro advice from #ViralChat)


Q1. Do businesses have to be on Facebook today to succeed online?

A1. Facebook still rules the house re. how much time people spend there in comparison to other platforms. #viralchat ~ @KimGarst

You should be on Facebook to at least offer customer service. Unless you're afraid of public customer service or rowdy fans! #viralchat ~ @JacobkCurtis

A lot of people use Facebook every day so if a business is not on Facebook, then it is not ready for business. ~ @theOluwapelumi ‏

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Q2. How can businesses successfully use content marketing to improve Facebook results?

A2. Your content has to be useful, relatable and on Facebook, entertaining from time to time. #viralchat ~ @KimGarst

Put valuable, unique, and creative content on Facebook. It seems obvious, but from experience I can tell you that it isn't. #viralchat ~ @AgentPalmer

You need to know what your target wants and needs. ~ ‏@JanellMcIlwain

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Kim Garst on the Post Planner #ViralChat

Q3. What are the most underutilized ways to drive Facebook engagement?

A3. Always remember that there are REAL people on the other side of computer screens, not dollar signs! #viralchat ~ @Kimgarst

You must showcase your true personality in order to grow a loyal fan base for your business. #viralchat ~ @chevd80

Must communicate like a human being and not a company/robot. Post regularly, Invite fun and have a sense of humor. #viralchat ~ @sueyoungmedia

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Q4) How do you keep your brand fresh and relevant on Facebook?

A4. People buy from those they know, like and trust -- so focusing every day on building those factors is key to keeping it fresh ~ @KimGarst

For Facebook pages, I watch and listen to what @kimgarst does -- then try to implement that on my pages. ~ @iSocialFanz

Search the needs of your market and connect it to your product in the most human way possible. ~ @saulternative

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#ViralBuzz chat by @PostPlanner clip 1

Q5. What are some of the best content marketing examples you’ve seen on Facebook?

A1. @mashable and @SMExaminer use a lot of blog content. #viralchat ~ @KimGarst

Both @kimgarst and @PostPlanner do an excellent job -- not just with content, but CONSISTENCY, which is KEY! #viralchat ~ @AhnaHendrix

I love @BuzzFeedVideo these days. They are super-creative and consistent in delivering interesting, funny, timely content #ViralChat ~ @invinciblesaad

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Q6. Where can businesses find great content to share on their Facebook page?

A6. @Postplanner is my personal go to tool for finding great proven viral content to share. No, I wasn't paid to say this! ~ @KimGarst

IMO before you can find the content, you need to take time to listen and talk with your community so you know what they're looking for ~ @LUCYrk78

Find it... No, they should be creating it! It then creates something unique to build a community around ~ @AgentPalmer

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Q7. Can you give us a few of your secrets to improve reach for Facebook pages?

A7. Visuals are KING on Facebook. Photos account for 93% of the most engaging posts. ~ @KimGarst

My biggest hack for improving reach is humanize, humanize, HUMANIZE the brand -- people wanna connect with people, not logos! #viralchat ~ @AhnaHendrix

Organic to me is about conversations and resonating with your audience. Paid is more like PPC. #viralchat ~ @Ross_Quintana ‏

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#viralchat @postplanner clip 2

Q8. What are your favorite tools for Facebook marketing?

A8. @PostPlanner @AgoraPulse @Heyo are my top go to tools. #viralchat ~ @KimGarst

My go to tools for Facebook marketing are @Canva, @agorapulse @PostPlanner and @wordswagapp ~ @askaaronlee

I really like Canva for creating FB images. I’m eager to see what’s to come w/the At Work version #ViralChat ~ @GinaLaGuardia

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Q9. What are the most important Facebook metrics that businesses should focus on?

A9. When someone tells you that you helped them in some way, that's a real measuring stick! #viralchat ~ @KimGarst

When it comes down to it, social media isn't social without the socializing, i.e. engagement -- all else is just a part of it. #viralchat ~ @AhnaHendrix

Community service, earned media, traffic to website. Don't worry bout the size of the fanbase, worry if the quality fans bail. #viralchat ~ @JacobkCurtis

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Q10. How often should you post to your Facebook page?

A10. I post 8-10x/day myself and I routinely reach 10+ million people a week for FREE. #viralchat ~ @KimGarst

I post a lot on my personal page & get TONS of interaction. Biz pages must act like people to make freq posting work. #viralchat ~ @TechnoGuidess

Many people post a couple times a day, but if you know your audience and add value you can post more. #viralchat ~ @Ross_Quintana

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Final Takeaways from the First-Ever #ViralChat

  • Rest assured that Facebook marketing is still alive and well!
  • Dig in and do the work if you really want to connect with your audience
  • Put a plan in place that allows you to ignite and inspire your Facebook fans
  • Create a killer content marketing strategy that turns YOU into a viral sensation!

!! The next #ViralChat is scheduled for Thursday, May 14th at 6 pm Eastern. Come join Post Planner and PEG FITZPATRICK to sharpen the saw and help one another ROCK social media.

Grab the Infographic! (Takes you to SlideShare and an embed link)



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