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27 Must-Follow Pages to Teach You How to Market on Instagram

Posted 29 September, 2014

27_Must-Follow_Pages_to_Teach_You_How_to_Market_on_Instagram-lshow to market on InstagramI don’t go a day without looking at Instagram.

It's super addictive!.. and I can't help but log in every single day.

And I'm not the only one.

There are over 200 million users on Instagram sharing over 60 million photos each day.

And YES, businesses can use their Instagram pages in very powerful ways.

Want some examples?

No problem. Check out these 27 amazing pages full of amazing ideas about how to market on Instagram.

27 Must-Follow Pages to Teach You How to Market on Instagram

1. Sabo Skirt

Sabo Skirt is a lifestyle brand with more than 1.1 million followers.

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2. McDonald's

McDonald's has one of the most creative Instagram accounts on the web.

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3. McGinness Works

It doesn't get more simple & clean.

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4. Threadless

This company knows how to have fun.

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5. SHREDZ Supplements

From tips of the day to feedback from customers, this company posts about it all.

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6. Flavor God

This seasonings company is taking over Instagram by sharing tasty recipe ideas.

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7. Able Ground

I don't know how they do it, but Able Ground makes me want to buy all their stuff on Instagram.

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8. Humans of New York

Definitely the best storytellers anywhere on social media.

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9. Julie's Kitchen

Follow this page & fall in love with food.

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10. Brahmino

This page will teach you how to tell better stories with your photos.

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11. Nike

Because, well... just do it!

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12. lululemon athletica

Lululemon has a genuine, personal approach.

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13. Quest Nutrition

Here you'll find great recipes in just 15 seconds.

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14. Taco Bell

Taco Bell does a great job humanizing the company on Instagram.

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15. Warby Parker

This glasses provider has built a powerful lifestyle brand on Instagram.

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16. Starbucks

These photos will make you want coffee... now!

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17. Happy Plugs

Great photos... posted every day!

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18. Verve Coffee Roasters

All I can say about this page is... well done!

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19. V-MODA

Instagram helps this company put a soft touch on the brand.

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20. Sprinkles Cupcakes

Cupcakes come alive on this Instagram account.

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21. Bookhou

This company uses beautiful photos to promote its products.

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22. Red Bull

There's lots of action on this page.

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23. Oreo

Nobody beats Oreo!

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24. Top Shop

Lots of great behind-the-scenes shots.

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25. Canva

Follow Canva to brush up on your design skills.

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26. GoPro

GoPro cameras are amazing -- here's proof.

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27. Post Planner

Yup! We're on Instagram, too! :)

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Key Takeaways

On Instagram, you shouldn't always be trying to sell.

The most successful companies on Instagram use the social network to build communities & interact with followers.

They do this using photos that show:

  • Glimpses behind the scenes
  • Throwback Thursday or #tbt
  • Selfies
  • Stories
  • Customer testimonials

In fact, some of the pages listed in this article never try to push products at all on Instagram. Most of them just post photos of their products in use.

I know I've purchased items from some of these companies after seeing photos on Instagram. So their strategies work!

What about you? What businesses do you follow?

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