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How to Reach the Millennial Generation With Social Media

Posted 21 June, 2014

How_to_Reach_the_Millennial_Generation_With_Social_Media-lsthe-millennial-generationYo dude!

Are you struggling to get young people to engage with your Facebook page?

If so, don't feel bad. Lots of companies are having trouble connecting with the millennial generation -- or those between the ages of 18 & 34.

These kids were raised on gadgets & the web -- and they're some of the most influential early adopters of new technology.

But how do you get millennials excited & interested in your product or services?

And how do you get them to engage with your Facebook page?

Check out these key takeaways, before you jump to the sweet infographic at the end.

How to Reach the Millennial Generation With Social Media

the-millennial-generationGetting anyone to notice you on Facebook is a challenge.

But reaching the millennial generation is downright difficult.

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IDG Research Group asked millennials in the tech industry what topics interest them most -- and what gets them to visit a website.

Results from the study were fascinating, and can be applied to any business -- not just tech.

For example:

  • 75% of millennials wanted news
  • 59% of millennials wanted information about travel
  • 62% were interested in food

Now check out the tech preferences of millennials -- compared to people older than 35:

  • 50% of millennials relied on video sharing websites -- compared to only 29% of the the 35+ crowd
  • 52% of millennials relied on retailer websites -- compared to 41% of 35+'ers

And here's why you HAVE to target millennials on Facebook:

59% of millennials use social media to find information -- compared to only 29% of the 35+ crowd.

Here's What Drives Millennials to Their Favorite Websites

the-millennial-generationBeautiful photos, concise copy & engaged communities are what millennials look for from their favorite websites.

  • 59% of millennials said their favorite websites use amazing graphics
  • 57% of millennials said their favorite websites have brief, well-written content
  • 58% of millennials said the best websites have engaged communities of fans
  • 76% of millennials said their favorite websites have content that is easy to understand.

Other factors millennials considered when visiting sites on the web included:

  • Reliable, accurate content
  • Straight-forward, unbiased content
  • Multiple viewpoints
  • Career information
  • Respected authors/brands
  • Mobile content

Takeaways: How These Stats Apply to Your Facebook Page

These statistics make it easy to determine what you should post on Facebook to attract the millennial generation to your page.

  • Popular, high-quality images (try Post Planner's viral photos finder)
  • Brief status updates -- about 100 characters if possible
  • Everyone who comments or posts on your page gets a response
  • Content that is relevant to your fans

What will you do today to get a millennial to engage with you on Facebook?

                    12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Be Using            

Here's the infographic:


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