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WARNING: Here's How to Remove Facebook Apps (that Might be Spying on You)

Posted 08 January, 2015

WARNING-_Heres_How_to_Remove_Facebook_Apps_that_Might_be_Spying_on_You-lshow to remove facebook appsI sometimes spend more than 12 hours a day on social media.

Work or play -- I love it!

I'm always experimenting with apps on my profile & entering Facebook contests (sometimes more than 20 contests a month!).

All this got me thinking about how many apps I'm connected to via Facebook -- and how these Facebook apps might be spying on me.

I knew it'd be a big number... but I was shocked when I found out!

200 apps?!?!... Are you kidding me?

And most of these apps I haven't used in months... years even!

You might think staying connected to these apps was no big deal. I disagree! So I cleaned house!

And you can too. Here's how to get rid of those pesky Facebook apps:

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WARNING: Here's How to Remove Facebook Apps (that Might be Spying on You)

spy-on-competition-facebook-ls-150x150Without you knowing it, apps on Facebook might be:

  1. Accessing your demographics
  2. Accessing your friends list
  3. Accessing your email address
  4. Automatically posting on your Timeline
  5. Automatically posting on pages you admin
  6. Sending bothersome notifications
  7. Accessing your page Insights
  8. Targeting you for ads

I'm less concerned about the biggies -- apps like Instagram & Spotify!

They're a bit more trustworthy.

But I see no reason to stay connected to apps I never use.

I recommend using a computer to remove apps from your Facebook profile. Deleting apps on your smartphone is a more clumsy chore.

And your sanity is important to me! :)

Let's get started:

1. Click Dropdown Arrow in Blue Navigation Bar


2. Choose "Settings"


This should take you to your "General Account Settings" page:


3. Click "Apps"

select apps

Now you can see all the apps you're connected to on Facebook.

>> Click to Tweet <<

And here's where it starts to get fun!

4. Click "X" to Remove App


5. Communicate with Pop-Up

Carefully read this info & click "Remove" to get rid of the app.

Here, you can also select a box that will delete all the app activity from Facebook. But proceed with caution!

This step can remove page apps & posts made to your pages or profile.

Move to the next app when finished.


Alternative: Edit App Settings

Maybe you'd rather just adjust the settings instead of removing an entire app.

Here's how it's done:

1. Click "Edit Settings" Pencil


2. Review and Edit App Settings


And there are plenty of ways to adjust the app visibility:


You can also choose whether to get notifications from the app:


When finished click "Save" to save the settings & move to the next app.


I used the steps above to remove about 150 apps from my Facebook profile.

And doing so reduced the number of Facebook ads I see in my news feed.

I adjusted the settings on other apps so they can't post automatically or use my email address.

Boom! Much cleaner!

This short video shows these steps in action:


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