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Facebook Page vs. Profile: What's Best for Your Brand? [Podcast]

Posted 10 November, 2014

Facebook_Page_vs._Profile_Whats_Best_for_Your_Brand_Podcast-lsFacebook page vs. profileFacebook page or profile?

It's a question that STILL plagues Facebook marketers everywhere.

  • What's best for my brand?
  • Am I branding my business?
  • Is it more about personal branding?

These are key questions when deciding whether to use a profile or page as your Facebook hub.

In this podcast, blogger Scott Ayres explains how pages & profiles are different -- and why one or the other (or both) might work best for your Facebook marketing strategy.

Yes, Facebook doesn't want you using your profile for commercial gain.

But that doesn't mean you can't talk about your company, industry & entrepreneurial pursuits on your personal profile. In fact, many of you should!

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In this episode, Scott explains why.

Facebook Page vs. Profile: What's Best for Your Brand? [Podcast]

Don't worry, the situation isn't that complex.

Deciding whether to use a page or profile (or both) for your branding is easy. You just need to understand a few of the basics.

In the podcast, Scott explains:

  • How Facebook pages & profiles differ
  • What you can & cannot do with your Facebook profile
  • History of Facebook pages & profiles
  • How the best Facebook marketers use their profiles
  • Why authenticity is important for marketing on Facebook
  • Why you shouldn't name your Facebook profile after your business
  • Limits of a Facebook profile
  • How not to annoy Facebook friends when posting about business
  • Why a page might be the best solution for your business
  • Why a profile might be best for personal branding
  • Why your local business needs a Facebook page
  • Why Facebook pages are better than profiles for marketing
  • Boosted Facebook posts
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook Interest Lists
  • Tips for posting on your profile
  • Tips for posting on your business page

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