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8 Reasons You’re The Most Annoying Friend on Facebook

8 Reasons You’re The Most Annoying Friend on Facebook

8_Reasons_Youre_The_Most_Annoying_Friend_on_Facebook-lsmost annoying friend on facebookAre you THAT friend on Facebook?

You know, that REALLY annoying one.

No?... Are you sure?

Maybe you are and you don’t even realize it.

Think about it. Do you:

  • Tag your friends in photos they're not in?
  • Send game requests everyday?
  • Try to sell stuff with every post?

You don't? Ok, good!

But what about the other things that might make you the most annoying friend on Facebook?

In this post, I'll show some examples to find out if you’re guilty.

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8 Reasons You’re The Most Annoying Friend on Facebook

Reality check!

There's a very good chance you're the most annoying friend on Facebook if you do the following 8 things:

1. Tag your friends in irrelvant photos

Do you tag your friends in irrelevant photos -- like photos they're NOT EVEN IN?

Do you tag them in photos of quotes, cute dogs, memes and more!


2. Send Facebook game requests

I know... you love to play Facebook games.

And if you want more gold in order to do this or that, you have to send game invites. What’s the harm right?

facebook game invite


3. You think Facebook is like Twitter

You just woke up?

Awesome!.... post that!

What are you thinking about now? Something random?

Awesome!... post that too!


Stop clogging my feed!

4. You keep changing relationship status

I can see you can’t make up your mind whether your relationship status is

  • Single
  • It’s complicated
  • In a civil union
  • In an open relationship

You’re constantly changing it based on your mood.

facebook relationship status


5. You invite your friends to all the pages you created

I get it. You suddenly got passionate about changing the world and created a Facebook page to bring awareness to end world hunger.

Awesome! But inviting all your friends to the page??

invite to like page


6. You ask them to like/comment on your status / photos

"Can you Like this for me?"

"Can you comment on this for me?"

Ugh! Sssstop it!

7. You keep selling on every posts

Buy! buy! buy!

Discount this! Special SALE that!

You post about sales offers non-stop.

Do you really think we want to click & buy this junk after we've ignored the last 100 things you posted?


8. You hashtag everything

Have you used any of these hashtags in the last 24 hours?

  • #YOLO!
  • #Justdoit
  • #YouCantStopMe
  • #ImHOTandYoureNOT
  • #Justsaying
  • #Lame

I can see you think it’s cute posting hashtags on Facebook like it's Instagram or something.

It's not!

Please.... just stop.


So there you have it!

If you want to seriously annoy your friends, then please... DO these things:

  • Randomly tag your friends in photos
  • Send non-stop game requests
  • Treat Facebook like Twitter
  • Keep changing your relationship status
  • Invite your friends to all your Facebook pages
  • Ask for Likes & comments
  • Sell sell sell!
  • Use too many hashtags

Now... I know YOU don't do any of these. :)

But do you know anyone who does??

I'm sure you know at least one. Cool! Send it to them.



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