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These New Facebook Stats Might Change How You Post

Posted 10 July, 2014

These_New_Facebook_Stats_Might_Change_How_You_Post-lsnew Facebook statsDo you want your Facebook fans to engage more with your page?

Of course you do! Who doesn't?!

We create awesome Facebook posts hoping that lots of fans will Like, share & comment on the content.

In this article, I'll show you 4 new social media studies -- along with tips based on new Facebook stats gathered by Klout & TrackMaven.

I still see people sharing similar studies that are 3 years old.

That's the STONE AGE where social media is concerned, people!

I learned a lot from these newer Facebook stats & I hope you do too.

These New Facebook Stats Might Change How You Post

1. Know the Hottest Topics

Here's some fascinating information from Klout, which analyzed the social interactions of half a billion people to find out what they're sharing on Facebook.

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The study determined that these were the hottest topics of discussion:


Use these topics to create posts that will greatly interest your fans.

2. Add Calls-to-Action

I wrote recently about how important it is to add unique, entertaining descriptions to everything you post on Facebook.

Adding a call-to-action like a question or fill-in-the-blank statement works great for increasing engagement.

TrackMaven studied calls-to-action like:

  • Share
  • Please
  • Like
  • Now

And adding calls-to-action dramatically improved the performance of Facebook posts.

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Take a look:


Be creative with your calls-to-action while asking fans to:

  • Click a link
  • Read your post
  • Comment about a post

3. Use Exclamation Points

Here's another interesting nugget of data:

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TrackMaven found that posts with more exclamation points got more interactions.

Between 5 and 9 looked to be the sweet spot.

That’s crazy!!!!!!!!! :)


4. Write Longer Posts

Writing longer posts will help you tell more detailed stories to your fans & increase engagement on your page.

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According to TrackMaven, posts with more than 80 words get more interactions from fans.



Remember, studies like these should only be used as guidelines.

Every page is different.

I recommend testing these tactics on your Facebook page to determine what posting strategies work best with your fans.

Have you tried using lots of explanation points or writing longer posts?

Did you know those were the 10 most popular topics people discuss on Facebook?

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