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10 (Almost) Effortless Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

10 (Almost) Effortless Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

10_Almost_Effortless_Ways_to_Boost_Facebook_Engagement-lsboost facebook engagementWith all the talk about Facebook reach lately, I thought you'd appreciate a refresher on how to boost Facebook engagement.

The infographic below (from Digital Information World and Social Clinch) offers some great advice.

I'll highlight the tips before showing you the infographic.

10 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

1. Show Your Personality

Social media is just that -- social! And everything you post for your business on Facebook should portray your company's personality.

What if your business's personality hasn't been established yet?

I spoke recently with a Facebook employee about this. You can read about the simple exercises she recommends to help you define your company's voice & tone here:

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2. Ask Questions

Asking your fans questions & using fill-in-the-blank posts are some of the easiest ways to get people to engage with your posts.

That's why we devoted 2 categories of our Status Ideas Engine to nothing but questions & fill-in-the-blanks!

For me, these are the 2 best categories in the engine.

Don't tell anybody... but when I'm craving some Likes & comments from my own Facebook friends, I'll post a few of these suggestions just to get my community talking.

Works like a charm. Every time.

Here are a few I just found in the engine that might work well on your fan page today:

  • How many rings before you answer the phone?
  • What's the first luxury car the pops in your head?
  • If I hear one more word about ______, I'm going to explode!

3. Use Images

If you're trying to get more engagement, images are great to tell stories quickly & powerfully -- and thereby get more exposure in the news feed.

Plus they just look good.

And if you take the time to brand your photos with your company's logo, everyone who sees your great pic on Facebook will know it's coming from you.

4. Provide an Inside Look at Your Company

One cool thing about using Facebook as a marketing tool is the way it lets you promote your business without appearing overly promotional.

One way to do this is to post photos of employees, customers & the town where your business is based.

5. Stay Specific

Pay attention to what types of content your fans respond to -- and also what posting times tend to get more comments, Likes & shares.

At Post Planner, we recommend you err on the side of more posts (rather than fewer) -- as long as your engagement is holding steady or increasing.

Facebook's news feed algorithm ties organic Reach to how much fan engagement your posts get. So the more Likes, shares & comments you get on your posts, the more fans will see your future posts.

That means you gotta get fans clicking!

And to get fans clicking, your posts need to be short, simple & clickable.

6. Use Your Fans' Content

Social media is a sharing economy.

Sharing is how we build relationships with fans & influencers -- and also provide breaking news to our followers.

So don't hesitate to share relevant, useful content from other businesses who post in your niche.

And if you need help finding content -- our Content Engine will help you instantly find content from your favorite Facebook pages, blogs & Twitter feeds.

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7. Keep Posts Simple

Sometimes a simple text-only status update will go LARGE!

In fact, according to this infographic, text-only updates consistently generate more fan engagement than posts with photos, links & videos.

Remember, it's all about knowing your fans & the best post types for them.

8. Be Persistent

I think this one's all about posting useful content with a consistent voice that your community knows.

Our "Conquer the Facebook" infographic shows 8 ways to do this while maximizing Facebook engagement:

  • Ask Questions
  • Post Fill-in-the-Blanks
  • Post Photos
  • Talk About the News
  • Ask for Likes
  • Target Different Fans
  • Talk About Facebook
  • Celebrate Today

9. Love Your Followers

There's nothing like some fan love to get your community talking!

And sometimes love comes in the form of mere recognition -- which your page can do by sharing the posts & content your fans leave on your page.

10. Have Fun!

While posting relevant content & driving traffic to your website is key -- occasionally you've just got to have some fun.

So experiment with that funny meme! Ask those random questions!

I think you'll find that these posts get some of the best response.

Few people are going to engage with your posts if you only talk about yourself. And as we discussed, engagement is critical for getting more fans to see your future posts.

I think Post Planner blogger Scott Ayres puts it best:

Sure your page may not be all about laughs, but that funny post that got 100 Likes just sets up your next post -- a link post that will drive traffic to your website. -Scott Ayres

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