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Tweet on Sunday and 5 Other Science-based Tips to Get More Retweets

Posted 23 July, 2014

Tweet_on_Sunday_and_5_Other_Science-based_Tips_to_Get_More_Retweets-lssocial media metrics

Do you want more people to retweet your stuff on Twitter? 

We all do, right?

My advice: look at the data!

That's why I turned to TrackMaven for this post -- because they analyze hundreds of thousands of tweets to see which tweets get retweeted the most.

And the findings are amazing!

TrackMaven looks at:

  • Best Day for Retweets
  • Best Time for Retweets
  • Best Use of Hashtags
  • Images in Tweets
  • "Retweet" or "RT"
  • Exclamation points

With a couple easy tweaks your tweets might see more engagement than ever.

6 Science-based Tips to Get More Retweets on Twitter

1. Best Day for Retweets

Is tweeting during the week the best way to reach your followers on Twitter?

Not according to TrackMaven.

Surprisingly, Sunday sees the most retweets.

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2. Best Time for Retweets

Many tweets are retweeted between 12pm and 3pm.

But the most retweets occur in the evening.

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3. Best Use of Hashtags

Tweets with 5 hashtags are retweeted a lot more often than tweets with no hashtags.

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4. Use Images

Tweets with photos are the most likely to get retweeted -- averaging about .4o retweets for every 1,000 followers.

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5. "RT" or "Retweet"?

Asking someone to "retweet" your content is one of the best ways to get more engagement -- but you have to spell out the word "retweet".

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Those who ask fans to "retweet" see an average of almost two retweets per tweet per 1,000 followers.


6. Use Exclamation Points to Get More Retweets

Similar to what the new Facebook stats show, using exclamation points can help you get more retweets!

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The more exclamation points -- the better.


Key Findings

  1. Tweet on Sundays to get the most retweets
  2. Most retweets occur after 8pm
  3. Tweet images!
  4. Ask people to "retweet" by spelling out the word
  5. Use images in your tweets
  6. Use exclamation points in your tweets

This TrackMaven stuff is always teaches me a lot about how to use Twitter for business. Here I learned that tweeting on Sunday & after 8pm can get me more retweets.

And I love the stuff about the exclamation points.

Have any of these findings helped you improve your social media metrics?

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