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Never Get Confused by Facebook Ads Terminology Again! [Infographic]

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Never_Get_Confused_by_Facebook_Ads_Terminology_Again_Infographic-lsFacebook ads terminologyIf there's one thing that confuses small businesses, it's Facebook Ads.

And it's not just the setup that can be confusing. Even the terms can be hard to understand.

Can anyone say JARGON?!!

But don't worry. If there's anyone who knows Facebook ads, it's Jon Loomer.

The dude eats, sleeps & breathes Facebook Ads! I bet he even dreams Facebook Ads -- with visions of metrics & custom audiences dancing in his head.

Personally, I like to stick to the basics: Boosted Posts & Page Like Ads.

But sometimes these ad types won't suffice -- and you'll need to run more sophisticated campaigns & dive deeper.

That's where Mr. Loomer comes into play. Jon just published his first custom infographic, and it's all about Facebook Ad terms.

This is truly the ultimate guide to Facebook Ads terminology!

So bookmark it, pin it, share it -- heck, maybe even go old school & print this sucker out!

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads Terminology

facebook ads glossary jonloomer infographic Facebook Ads Glossary: Reference of All Important Terms [Infographic]


The unit that determines what you are advertising, where it is advertised, to whom & the bidding method.

Broad Categories

Allows advertisers to target users who have information in their Timelines & actions taken related to a specific category of interests.


The structure that organizes similar ads together, and where the overall ad budget (daily or lifetime) and start/end dates of a promotion are determined.


The ability to target users based on connections to a Page, app or event within an advertiser's control.

Conversion Specs

When Optimized CPM is chosen, ads are automatically optimized for a specific action type. With Conversion Specs, this action can be manually changed to a different, more relevant action.

Conversion Tracking

With the help of an offsite pixel, optimize for & track specific types of conversions (checkouts, registrations, leads, key page views, adds to cart & other website conversions).


Cost Per Click bidding -- setting the maximum amount of money you would spend per click on an ad.


Cost Per 1,000 Impressions bidding -- setting the maximum amount of money you would spend per 1,000 times an ad was shown.

Custom Audience

Target offline customers (email list, phone number list, Facebook User ID list) in Facebook Ads, regardless of whether they are fans.

Domain Sponsored Story

Promoting user shares from a domain within your control.


FBX (Facebook Exchange)

Facebook retargeting, or the act of targeting visitors of your website when they return to Facebook with an ad.

Label (or tag)

A way to organize individual ads & campaigns according to related promotions within Power Editor (by account, Page, promotion, etc.).

Lookalike Audience

Create an audience of users similar to the users within a Custom Audience.

Offsite pixel

Tracking code that is placed on an external success page ("thank you for your purchase") -- which alerts Facebook that a user clicked on a Facebook ad resulting in a conversion.

Optimized CPM

This method is selected by default for most ad types. Facebook will optimize your audience, showing it to people within your target group most likely to perform your desired action.

Partner Categories

Target ads based on lifestyle & buyer history information that was accumulated by partner data mining companies.


Determining where a Facebook Ad will be displayed (desktop, news feed, sidebar or mobile).

Facebook ads terminologyPower Editor

A free Chrome plugin bulk ad editing tool created by Facebook. Along with the ads API, this is where Facebook first releases all of the new advertising features.

Precise Interest

Targeting users based on the Pages they Like, apps they use & items pulled from interests, activities, education, job titles & groups to which they belong.

Promoted Post

The act of promoting an organic post created on one's Facebook page.

Saved Target Group

Save custom targeting settings (age, gender, countries, connections, interests, Custom Audiences, etc.) to easily pre-fill these fields when creating a relevant ad in Power Editor.

Sponsored Story

The act of promoting a story (like, comment, share check-in, etc.) related to what it is you are promoting (app, event, Page, post, domain).

Unpublished Post

Create & promote posts that were never published organically to the news feed or appear in the Page Timeline, appearing only as an ad.

We'd love to hear from you

Still confused about a certain term? Post your questions in the comments below.

We'll do our best to answer. And we might even tempt Jon to come by & rain down some Facebook Ads wisdom.

Scott Ayres
Scott Ayres

Co-author of Facebook All-In-One for Dummies and "Ambassador of Awesome" at Post Planner, Scott became addicted to social media before even MySpace (the first time around!). Scott handles training for the Post Planner app as well as Customer Support, Blogging and Social Media. He's been married for 21 years and has 3 kiddos who are his world! Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.


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