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6 Unbelievable Social Media Facts That Are Actually TRUE

6 Unbelievable Social Media Facts That Are Actually TRUE

6_Unbelievable_Social_Media_Facts_That_Are_Actually_TRUE-lssocial-media-statsAre you a numbers person?

I'm not -- but when I learn new social media stats, it always helps me with my Facebook marketing.

The stats often shock me -- some even make my head hurt!

And I needed 2 asprin after reading the social media stats in this killer infographic from Awareness Hub.

Wow!... Mind. Blown.

Here's a taste of the highlights:

  • 95% of wall posts on Facebook pages go unanswered by companies
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  • 40% of purchases made on social media will eventually come from Pinterest
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  • 20 minutes is the average time users spend per visit on Facebook
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  • 13% of users say content is why they follow most brands
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  • 32 billion search queries are submitted on Twitter each month
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  • 20 percent of daily search queries on Google haven't been tried before
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I broke down each stat before I jumped to the infographic.

6 Unbelievable Social Media Facts That Are Actually TRUE

1. 95% of wall posts on Facebook pages go unanswered by companies


This tells me that I'm not likely to get a reply when I post on someone's business page.

Unacceptable!... Granted, larger pages get tons of spam.

As a small business owner, if you can't respond each time someone posts on your page or you're getting bombarded by spam, consider not allowing users to post on your business page.

2. 40% of purchases made on social media will eventually come from Pinterest

social-media-statsSo that silly site my wife gets recipes & craft ideas from is going to claim a large piece of the sales pie?


I don't use Pinterest. Heck, I predicted the website would be gone in 6 months.

I was wrong!

Pinterest is the place to be if you're trying to sell on social media!

>> Click to Tweet <<

3. 20 minutes is the average time a user spends per visit on Facebook

social-media-statsThat's right, 20 minutes... PER VISIT!

Not per day.

Per visit!

That's a long time.

And there's a lot page owners can do to make sure their content is seen as often as possible in the news feed.

I recommend that you post a lot!

The news feed moves quickly & your posts die fast!

I think the lifespan of most Facebook posts is about 2 hours. You must post a lot to stay top of mind!

4. 13% of users say content is why they follow most brands

social-media-statsThe phrase "Content is King" is becoming an ugly cliche.

Social Fresh's Jason Keath even wants to ban the phrase from his conferences:

But the concept behind "Content is King" holds true. Most Post Planner customers find us through our content -- not catchy Facebook ads. ;)

People trust the experts & want to do business with those they trust.

For a small business owner, this means consistently creating original content so you become a "go-to" resource in your industry.

5. 32 billion search queries submitted on Twitter each month

That's a lot of searches!!!

More than Bing & Yahoo combined.

And depending on your business, Twitter can be a goldmine for finding new customers!

Use monitoring tools like TweetDeck to quickly see posts from others that could lead to new sales.



TweetDeck also helps you see what others say about your brand & competition on Twitter. Tweak your keywords until you find the right stream.

6. 20 percent of daily search queries on Google are new

social-media-statsThis is the most amazing stat on the list!

I'm surprised every phrase out there hasn't been typed into Google at least once.

Business owners should improve their SEO (search engine optimization) so their websites show up in the search results for even obscure keywords & phrases.

Mind. Blown.

Did these stats surprise you as much as they did me?

The Pinterest & Google stuff is stunning!

Here's the full infographic for you to pin & share!


Kim Garst

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