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Updated Guide to All Social Media Image Dimensions

Posted 16 May, 2014


Social media marketing is constantly changing. 

And the dimensions of photos & graphics on social sites change right along with it.

[EDITOR'S NOTE] ... "constantly changing" is absolutely correct. For updated info on graphics sizes (as of July 2015) see these more recent articles:


Don't get me wrong, the updates are usually GREAT -- they help keep social media fresh & alive.

But the changes can also cause pain for small business owners, social media managers & graphic designers, who rely on image dimensions to make their images POP & look professional.

For example, image dimensions for Twitter changed significantly with the new redesign:


(Looks more like Facebook, doesn't it?!)

And sizing cover & profile images for the new Twitter layout can be tough -- without a reference guide.

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That's why the folks at Insight180 created this informative infographic with the latest image dimensions for:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Google+

Bookmark this post so you have these image dimensions at your fingertips.

And share the infographic with your friends to help keep them up to date!

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Updated Guide to All Social Media Image Dimensions



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