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5 Benefits of Face-to-Face Networking That Are WAAAY More Valuable Than You Think

Posted 03 March, 2015

5_Benefits_of_Face_to_Face_Networking_That_Are_WAAAY_More_Valuable-lsface-to-face networkingHere's a bold statement:

Your business doesn't have to rely on the internet to succeed!

There, I said it.

And you're probably asking how you can build your business without the internet.

I'm not saying get rid of your website or social media accounts. That would be crazy! I'm saying that you should be working just as hard to build your company in the offline world.

For example, do you network with people in your industry in person? Do you attend meetups & business after-hours events?

You should!

You can make more progress in one night than you can doing social media for a week.

If you haven’t fully discovered the benefits of face-to-face networking, this post is for you!

I hope this article convinces you to get out from in front of your computer & start doing business in person!

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5 Benefits of Face-to-Face Networking That Are WAAAY More Valuable Than You Think

1. Getting Honest Feedback

build-your-businessbuild-your-businessOne of the key advantages of meeting people in person is receiving honest & direct feedback about your business.

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We've all been left waiting hours, even days for someone to reply to an email.

When you ask questions in person, you receive immediate replies -- for better or worse! ;)

And you can also have discussions.

This speeds up communication & lets you reach mutual understandings more quickly.

2. Showcasing Your Personality

build-your-businessbuild-your-businessIt's easy to show off your amazing personality when you meet people in person.

That's one thing technology can never replace -- your personal touch!

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In person, you'll build your credibility while gaining valuable insight into the personalities on the other side.

And you'll get know your sales prospects & potential customers much better this way.

3. Building Human Relationships

Most business executives prefer to communicate face to face, according to Forbes magazine.

That's because it's easier to build meaningful relationships that way.

You need that human connection!

You can feed of each other’s energy & passions.

Ian Cleary & I were connected online for years before we met in person. And before meeting Ian in person, I hadn't realized what a funny, intelligent, passionate person he is.


4. Reading Body Language

Have you heard the expression: "you just had to be there"?

We all have!

There really is no substitute for actually "being there"!

And that goes for communication, too.

Body language is key & there's a lot you can learn from somebody's mannerisms when you communicate with them in person.

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5. Avoiding Misunderstandings

build-your-businessMeeting in person is the best way to avoid misunderstandings.

Ever written a Facebook status update on Facebook only to have someone misinterpret your message & overreact?

I know I have.

It's an everyday event on social media.

Meeting in person helps cut down on the number of misunderstandings in business.

When you click “Publish” online, it’s with the hope that others will share your point of view & understand your message. There's little room for explanation until someone objects.

Having that same conversation in person lets you tailor your message for who you're speaking to at the time.

It’s important to understand who you're talking to & respond accordingly -- whether you're posting on social media or sharing your view point in person.


Don't forget to network in person whenever you can.

You'll build stronger relationships & reach people in the offline world who you've only chatted with before on the computer.

Communicating in person showcases your personality & helps people connect with you in a genuine way.

You might even close some new deals!

Have you met any of your customers in person? Please tell me about the conversation in the comments below.



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